Round Trip Flights To Honolulu

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About Honolulu

Honolulu is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Hawaii, a part of the United States. Honolulu is located on the southeast coast of Oahu, in the Honolulu District and it lies across from Interstate H-1 and just northeast of Pearl Harbor. 

The population of Honolulu was 998,657 according to 2010 Census Bureau data; making it the 37th-largest city in America by population alone, but third-largest when combined with its suburbs (behind New York City and Los Angeles). Honolulu has a larger land area than any other major American city outside California, Chicago, and New York City (though not including San Francisco), making it more akin to Chicago than San Francisco in terms of the total area covered by urban development.

Top Cities to Visit in Honolulu

Hawaii is a huge state, with nine distinct counties. Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii, and it’s where you’ll find much of the state’s population. It has a tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in this city, including hiking on trails through nature preserves and taking tours around historic sites like Iolani Palace or Kawaiahao Church.

Honolulu also has a thriving nightlife that includes shopping at Ala Moana Center, one of the biggest malls in America; dining at restaurants such as Nobu Waikiki Beach Hotel; or catching a show at The Blue Note Hawaii concert venue (pictured below). If you’re looking for some more intimate entertainment options like live music or comedy clubs close by Honolulu we recommend Punch Line Comedy Club & Restaurant-Honolulu which is less than 10 miles away from Waikiki Beach Resort while Foster’s Hollywood Comedy Club is located just across from Aloha Tower Marketplace will provide an evening filled with laughs!

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Honolulu

Below are the top tips for finding cheap flights to Honolulu:

  • Look for low-cost carriers.
  • Look for low-cost days to fly.
  • Look for low-cost months to fly.
  • Look for low-cost destinations to fly to.
  • Look for low-cost airlines to fly with.
  • Look at some of the best deals at this time, they can change from day to day so check back often!

Top 5 airlines flying to Honolulu

American Airlines is one of the major carriers flying to Honolulu, and they have a daily flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu that takes about 5 hours. This airline also offers flights from other cities, such as Dallas or Phoenix, but it’s not as convenient because you need to connect to another city first and take two separate flights. There are no direct routes out of San Francisco or Sacramento (the closest airports to us), so this adds extra time to your trip if you’re traveling from California.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Monday and Tuesday are the cheapest days to fly to Honolulu. The cost of flights is the lowest these days, so you can save money if you fly during this period.
  • Wednesday is the most expensive day to fly to Honolulu, as well as Thursday and Friday – which are slightly cheaper than Wednesday but not as cheap as Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Saturday is the most expensive day of the week to fly to Honolulu because fewer airlines offer discounted fares on this day – especially since many people do not want to travel on or around weekends when they have more flexibility with their schedules.

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from [city of origin] to Honolulu. You’ll need to connect through another city, which may take some time depending on the number of stops.

An example would be a flight that goes directly from [city of origin] to San Francisco, then connects with an Alaska Airlines flight to Honolulu. The total flight time is about 10 hours and 30 minutes (if there are no delays). It will cost about $1,500 for both legs of this trip.

Another option is flying into Los Angeles or another nearby city, then connecting with American Airlines or Hawaiian Airlines on flights that serve both Maui and Oahu (HNL). This will cost less than half as much as the direct route above—about $600 total for two legs—but it takes longer because you have to get off your plane in LAX before boarding again for Maui/Oahu/Honolulu

Round-trip tickets can be purchased for anywhere between $350 and $800, with the average ticket costing around $600. One-way tickets generally come in at about half that price or about $300 on average. The cheapest one-way flights to Honolulu are available for under $200; however, these are usually filled with extra fees such as baggage charges and non-refundable taxes.

The highest round-trip cost is currently set at just over $1,000 while the lowest one-way cost is just under $500.

If you’re looking for the cheapest month to fly to Honolulu, it looks like January and February are your best bets. These two months are followed by March, April, May, June, and July with the highest average round-trip prices. August through October have some of the lowest average round-trip prices for traveling to Honolulu but then again so does December which is probably due to Christmas travel plans being planned. 

And lastly, November has an average round trip price that is just slightly lower than September’s which is odd because both tend to be high-season months so it would make sense that they would be similar or higher since there tends to be more demand than but instead we see them flip flop on pricing between each other making no sense at all when looking at their overall costs

Honolulu International Airport is the cheapest airport to fly to Honolulu. It is also the most convenient airport to fly to Honolulu. It is also the best airport to fly to Honolulu.