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Round Trip Flights To Illinois

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About Illinois

Illinois is a Midwestern state in the United States, located in the center of the country. It’s known for its history, culture, and natural beauty.

The name Illinois comes from Algonquian and means “tribe of superior men.” The state’s nickname is Land of Lincoln, as well as Prairie State or Prairie Land. It has a population of 12 million people with 12 major metropolitan areas; Chicago is its capital city.

The landscape consists mostly of farmland and forests; it has varied terrain including swamps, lakes, and rivers throughout every region. Its weather ranges from hot summers to cold winters with periods between seasons that can last several weeks at a time (often called Indian Summer).

The economy depends mostly on agriculture with some manufacturing industries such as steel production being developed along waterways near large cities like Chicago.;

Top Places to Visit in Illinois

Illinois is a state in the Midwest region of the United States that borders Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri. The state capital is Springfield, while Chicago is its most populous city.

The following are some of the places you can visit while visiting Illinois.

Chicago: This city has many attractions that include museums, architecture, sports,s and shopping areas. You will also find great food here if you have time for it!

Springfield: This town serves as the capital of Illinois with plenty of history for visitors to explore during their stay there. There are several museums including one dedicated to Abraham Lincoln who was born there before becoming president later on! He was also buried here when he died until his body was moved to Washington D.C., which means you can see where his tomb currently resides too!

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Illinois

  • Check the price of flights on different days of the week.
  • Check the price of flights in different months of the year.
  • Search for a flight deal on more than one airline to find cheap flights to Illinois, as well as: * check for flight deals at different airports, and * check for flight deals with a variety of travel agents.

Top 5 airlines flying to Illinois

Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, and Frontier Airlines are the top 5 airlines for flights to Illinois.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Monday: The cheapest day to fly to Illinois is Mondays when round-trip fares are as low as $92.
  • Tuesday: The second-cheapest day is Tuesdays, which can get you there for about $97 round trip.
  • Wednesday: Wednesdays are the third-cheapest day, with flights starting at $99 each way and going up from there.
  • Thursday: Thursdays aren’t far behind at $102-$106 each way depending on your destination city and departure airport.
  • Friday: Fridays are a little bit more expensive than Thursdays and Wednesdays, but still not too bad—about $107-$109 per person for a round-trip ticket, depending on where you’re flying from and where in Illinois you’re going.
  • Saturday: On Saturdays, you’ll pay around $115-$117 per person for a round-trip ticket flying out of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD). On other major airports in Illinois like Peoria Regional Airport (PIA), MidAmerica Stkuball Cntr/Illinois State Center (MAP), and Southern Illinois Airport (BMI), prices start around $122-$126 one way but can go higher depending upon which airline offers the best deal that week.

There are no direct flights to Illinois. This means that you need to connect through one of the airports in the state. There are three major airports, Chicago (ORD), St Louis (STL), and Rockford (RFD). Chicago is the largest airport in Illinois and it’s located at O’Hare International Airport. It has many domestic routes, but only a few international ones since it’s far from Canada or Mexico

You can save the most money when you buy round-trip tickets to Illinois. The amount of savings depends on the month and day of travel, but it’s usually between $50 and $100 per person.

The cheapest months to fly to Illinois are November and December, followed by February, March, June, and August. If you’re flexible about your flight date, try looking for trips sometime in late May or early July—you’ll typically pay less than $200 for a round-trip ticket.

If you live near an airport that is serviced by Southwest Airlines (this includes Southwest hubs like New York City’s LaGuardia Airport), then book your flights using their website or mobile app—they offer consistently low fares on flights throughout North America every day!

If you are searching for the cheapest flights to Illinois, it is recommended that you fly during September, October, and November. The prices will be at their lowest in these months as this is when fewer people are flying in and out of the state. If that isn’t available to you, then try to find a flight at least two weeks before Christmas or New Year’s Eve if possible. This is usually around December 20th – 23rd (depending on which airports in Illinois your destination uses).

You may also be able to find cheaper flights during other times of the year such as during winter months (December – February) or spring/summer holidays such as Easter weekend, Memorial Day weekend, etc…

Three main airports are used to fly into Illinois: Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Chicago Midway International Airport, and Chicago Rockford International Airport.

If you are looking to go on a trip somewhere in the Midwest and want to save money on your flights then you must understand how these three airports work together.