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Fly round trip to Indiana with RoundTripsFlight. Book your next flight to Indiana, and get there in no time. With our convenient booking process, you can book your next vacation or business trip to Indiana in a few clicks. If you need help finding the best flight options for your trip to Indiana, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flight to Indiana for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a weekend away or planning a longer trip, Indiana is the destination for you. With its rich history and culture, Indianapolis is a perfect place to visit any time of year. Whether you want outdoor adventures or relaxing by the water—or even both!—Indiana has plenty to offer in terms of things to do, places to go, and people with which to do both. However, one thing that can hold up your plans is trying to find cheap flights to Indiana. We’ve got some tips on how to make sure that happens!

About Indiana

Indiana is a U.S. state, admitted to the Union as the 19th on December 11, 1816. It is bordered by Illinois to the south and Kentucky to the west; Ohio is north and east of Indiana, Michigan to its northeast, Lake Michigan lies across most of Indiana’s northern border with Michigan and Wisconsin shares its southern border with Indiana.

Indiana was inhabited by various cultures of indigenous peoples who migrated from Asia Minor beginning around 1000 BCE; these included Paleo-Indians known as Mound Builders (see Hopewell tradition), Archaic period Indians who lived in small villages such as at Angel Mounds along White River in present-day Muncie and Fort Wayne, Woodland Period Indians which were hunters/gatherers who lived in semi-permanent villages that varied seasonally due to climate changes (see also Mississippian culture)

Top Places to Visit in Indiana

Indiana is a state in the Midwestern United States. Indiana is bordered by Lake Michigan to the northwest, Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, Kentucky to the south and southwest, and Illinois to the west. Its capital and largest city are Indianapolis. The state’s name means “Land of Indians,” or simply “Indian Land.”

The first European settlers arrived in present-day Indiana in 1639 on a voyage led by Robert de La Salle from Quebec.[1] It became part of Virginia for a period before becoming part of Kentucky Territory when it was admitted as a state on December 11, 1816.[2] In 1851 it was admitted as an official state after being separated from Indian Territory.[3] It adopted its current constitution on June 15th of that year[4], which remains unchanged as of 2017.[5]

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Indiana

  • Look for flights that are in the evening.
  • Look for flights that are on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
  • Look for flights that are in the middle of the week.
  • Look for flights that are on a national holiday.
  • Look for flights that are on a weekend.

Top 5 airlines flying to Indiana

The airlines below are the top 5 airlines flying to Indiana.

  • Delta Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Southwest Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the data, you should be looking at flying mid-week rather than on the weekend. You’ll find the cheapest flights on Monday or Tuesday, but if you’re flexible with your travel dates, Wednesday and Thursday are also great options for finding cheap flights. Friday is one of the most expensive days to fly in general; it’s best to avoid that day altogether if you can.

There are no direct flights to Indiana. You will have to stop at another airport en route. Some airlines offer one-stop flights and some offer multiple stops flights to Indiana. The most common airline is American Airlines, which offers a wide range of options for both types of flights

The information above does not apply to you if you are flying from within the United States because there are no direct flights from within the country (unless you live near an airport that has connections).

To help you find the best round-trip flight deals to Indiana, we’ve done some of the legwork for you. We’ve scoured the internet and come up with a list of round-trip flights from different cities. Some of these prices are as low as $189! How much does it cost for a round trip to Indiana? It depends on where you start your journey, how far away from Indianapolis you want to get and what time of year it is. For example, if you live in Seattle, Washington, and want to travel somewhere near Indianapolis during spring break (April 2019), expect prices around $329 per person. If instead fall break is more convenient for your schedule—October 2019—then expect prices closer to $189 per person.

If there’s no price listed on our site yet (which isn’t uncommon; some airlines don’t publish their fares until they’re ready), then feel free to reach out through email or chat so we can let know when new information becomes available!

The best time to fly to Indiana depends on what you’re most concerned with. If you’re looking for a cheap flight, January is the cheapest month to fly to Indiana, with an average round-trip airfare of $544.

  • The most expensive month to fly to Indiana is July, when average round-trip airfares are $878.
  • Wednesday has the cheapest day of the week for flights from Philadelphia (PHL) Airport. The priciest day of the week is Friday.

Indianapolis International Airport (IND) is the largest airport in Indiana and the busiest one in the state. The airport has two terminals, with Terminals A and B located on either side of runway 10L/28R.

The Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) is a smaller airport that handles all kinds of aircraft, including private jets and helicopters. It offers 30 gates for passenger flights, but there are also several cargo-only slots available at this location as well.

South Bend International Airport (SBN) can also accommodate both large commercial planes as well as smaller planes that fit into its five gates for passenger use only; however, it does not have any cargo facilities available on-site due to its limited size and space constraints within its walls here so make sure you plan before heading out here!

Terre Haute Regional Airport (HUF) isn’t as large or busy compared to other airports we’ve reviewed thus far but even though it only serves around 100 passengers per day it still manages quite well thanks in part because most people prefer driving their vehicles instead than taking public transportation provided by Amtrak which services nearby cities like Lafayette IN, Carbondale IL, Danville IL among others.”