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Round Trip Flights To Indianapolis

Fly round trip to Indianapolis with RoundTripsFlight. Book your next flight to Indianapolis, and get there in no time. With our convenient booking process, you can book your next vacation or business trip to Indianapolis in a few clicks. If you need help finding the best flight options for your trip to Indianapolis, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flight to Indianapolis for your needs.

About Indianapolis

Indianapolis is the capital of the U.S. state of Indiana and the largest city in Indiana, as well as being its most populous city. The city is located in Central Indiana on an east-west axis along Interstate 70 about 100 miles (160 km) southwest of Chicago and about 200 miles (320 km) north of Louisville, Kentucky.

The population within a 50-mile radius exceeds 2 million people, making it one of the most populated regions in the Midwest outside the Chicagoland and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky areas. Indianapolis also serves as a major hub for United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx Express, which is headquartered at nearby Plainfield, Indiana; DHL Express; R&R Trucking Company; Eli Lilly & Company; Rolls Royce North America jet engine manufacturing facility near Tell City, Indiana; Cummins Engines; Daimler Trucks North America assembly plant near Kokomo, Indiana; Honda Cars Manufacturing plant near Greensburg IN.; CTS Corporation automotive parts plant near New Castle IN.; AmTrust Bank’s headquarters in Carmel IN.; BAE Systems Incorporated electronics manufacturing center in Crawfordsville IN.

Top Places to Visit in Indianapolis

  • Indianapolis Zoo
  • Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art
  • Indiana State Museum
  • Indiana State Capitol
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway (formally known as the Brickyard)
  • Indianapolis Zoo

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Indianapolis

  • Use flexible dates. The best way to find affordable flights is by booking your trip at least two weeks in advance and selecting the most flexible date range possible. If you’re going on a weekend, it’s best to avoid traveling on Sundays and Mondays since there’s typically less demand for these days of the week (especially Sunday). A direct flight is preferable over connecting flights because you won’t have to spend as much time waiting at airports or sitting on planes during layovers.
  • Book in advance if possible! The earlier you book, the cheaper your tickets will be—and if you wait until the last minute, then you might end up paying more than double what they go for during off-peak months or weeks (which could cost even more if it was during a holiday). This especially applies if there’s any sort of special event coming up: sporting events like basketball games/tournaments; festivals like JazzFest; concerts by famous musicians who are touring nearby venues such as Lucas Oil Stadium where Cirque du Soleil has performed many times before but only played one night shows instead – so make sure those types of events aren’t planned around when booking tickets because those tickets might not be available anymore due to limited seats available per showtime sold out quickly due high demand from fans who don’t want miss out! These things happen frequently so plan carefully 🙂

3 Covering all bases here 😉 If nothing else works either try this one last suggestion which I’ve found helpful when looking through results page after page without finding anything worthwhile: Go back through each result individually while filtering out airlines that don’t offer low fares according to their criteria given below each airline’s name listed above-it helps narrow down choices quickly since only certain companies specialize in selling inexpensive tickets!”

Top 5 airlines flying to Indianapolis

If you’re looking for cheap flights to Indianapolis, there are a variety of airlines that offer the best deals on round-trip tickets. American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest Airlines are all among the top five airlines flying to Indianapolis. United Airlines and Spirit Airlines round out this list of popular carriers offering flights from your local airport to Indianapolis International Airport (IND).

Frequently Asked Questions

When scheduling a flight to Indianapolis, it’s important to consider the day of the week. The cheapest days of the week to fly are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. These four days have an average cost of $566.

Wednesday is your best chance at finding cheap round-trip flights with an average price of $744. You’ll save on average $166 by flying on a Wednesday instead of any other day! If you’d like some extra cash in your pocket, book your trip for the weekend! Sunday is the most expensive day for airfare and has an average cost per ticket of $1,489.

Flights to Indianapolis are currently not available. There are no direct flights to Indianapolis, so you will need to purchase a ticket for the closest airport, which is Indianapolis International Airport (IND). From there, you can travel into the city via shuttle or taxi.

The average round-trip flight to Indianapolis costs $541, but these prices can change depending on the date you’re planning to travel. If you’re looking for cheap flights, October, November, and December are some of the cheapest months to fly. The most expensive time of year is generally from July through September; however, it’s also busier, and more likely there will be delays due to bad weather conditions.

You must book your flight early since many airlines have a limited amount of seats available on each flight, especially during peak season.

Looking to book your next trip? The best time to fly is usually January.

According to CheapAir’s Airfare Index, the average ticket price for a round-trip flight from San Francisco to Indianapolis during January is $1,557. In February, that number drops slightly but still hovers around $1,500—or 3 percent cheaper than in January.

Indianapolis is served by four airports: Indianapolis International Airport (IND), Indianapolis Municipal Airport (IMU), Brown County Airport (BRO), and Terre Haute Regional Airport (HUF). The most convenient option for travelers is IND, which is located about seven miles from downtown. If you’re flying from another city in the state of Indiana, your best bet will be BRO or HUF because they’re both closer to Indy than IMU. If you want to venture outside of the state and hop a flight into one of these smaller cities first, there are plenty of options nearby: Huntington Municipal Airport (HTS) in Huntington, IN; Danville Regional Airport in Danville, IL; Evansville Regional Airport in Evansville, IN; St Louis Downtown Memorial Aiport in St Louis MO