Round Trip Flights To Palm Springs CA

Round Trip Flights To Palm Springs

Fly round trip to Palm Springs with RoundTripsFlight. Book your next flight to Palm Springs, and get there in no time. With our convenient booking process, you can book your next vacation or business trip to Palm Springs in a few clicks. If you need help finding the best flight options for your trip to Palm Springs, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flight to Palm Springs for your needs.

If you’re headed to Palm Springs, we’ve got the information you need to fly cheap! From finding a place to stay to booking your flight, we’ve got all the tips and tricks for finding the cheapest days of the week to fly as well as how much it costs. We’ll also show you which airline has direct flights from your city or airport, so that no matter where you are, we can help make sure you have all the information you need for an affordable trip down south.

About Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a resort city in Riverside County, California. It is located approximately 45 mi (72 km) east of Downtown Los Angeles and is considered a gateway city to the Greater Palm Springs area. The population was 44,552 as of the 2010 census. The city spans an area of 5.8 sq mi (15 km2). As of July 1, 2012, there were approximately 34,800 single-family homes in Palm Springs; however, this number increases significantly during the winter months when their full-time population swells with seasonal residents and tourists to over 120,000 people per month.

Palm Springs has attracted celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe who have both lived there at some point during their lives; it also has many movie stars who visit often such as Robert Wagner or Judy Garland because this resort town offers them both relaxation and entertainment all year long!

Top Places to Visit in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a popular destination for tourists of all ages. The area has a lot to offer, including mountains and deserts, world-class golf courses and spas, fine dining experiences, historical sites, and much more. If you’re looking to spend some time in this desert oasis, consider these options:

  • Skiing at Mt. San Jacinto State Park
  • Visiting the Palm Springs Art Museum
  • Going on a hike at Joshua Tree National Park

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Palm Springs

When searching for cheap flights to Palm Springs, the key is to look for connections. Airlines will often charge you more if they’re forced to change their flight plans, so find a route that involves layovers and extra stops. This will give you (and them) more flexibility in terms of how you get there and save you money on airfare!

Top 5 airlines flying to Palm Springs

  • American Airlines: American Airlines has a wide range of destinations, including many cities in California. In addition to being one of the largest airlines in the world, it also offers many flight deals and cheap flights that make traveling more affordable for you.
  • Delta: Delta Airlines is another large airline with flights from major hubs around the globe. It flies to Palm Springs from Atlanta and Detroit (among other airports), so if you’re flying into one of those cities, it may be worth checking out the prices before booking your ticket elsewhere.
  • Frontier Airlines: Frontier Airlines offers flights out of Denver International Airport (DEN) as well as Orlando International Airport (MCO). If you’re looking for cheap flights outside these hubs but still want access to them when necessary, Frontier offers great rates on its routes throughout North America and beyond! Keep in mind that this airline doesn’t have any loyalty programs or perks associated with its frequent flyer miles program yet – so keep an eye out if this matters most when booking your next trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

Flights to Palm Springs are the cheapest on weekdays, so you should book your flight during the week. Air travel is also cheaper during ing low season and the high season, so it’s best to travel when the weather is nice and cheap flights are abundant.

On weekdays, flights between 3 pm and 7 pm tend to be the cheapest time of day for flying. Flights taken between 8 am and 1 pm tend to be more expensive since this is when people want to get out of work early or spend their weekends in Palm Springs.

No, there are no direct flights between any airports in Palm Springs and New York. There are only two cities in the United States that offer direct flights from New York to Palm Springs: Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Why is this? Well, it’s because of the way airlines operate their business. Airlines have hubs—which means major airports where they connect passengers from other cities to take them to their final destination. For instance, if you want to go from London to Paris by plane then you have to connect through an airport like Heathrow or Charles de Gaulle Airport before flying directly from one city to another (unless you’re on a private jet). This is known as indirect routing, which means that your journey will start with one flight going somewhere else before connecting to another destination (hence why “indirect” comes into play). In our example above, London would be considered both a hub airport and Paris would also be considered one since they both connect passengers to multiple destinations within Europe as well as all over Asia/Africa/South America, etc…

Round-trip airfare to Palm Springs can vary greatly depending on your departure date, departure airport, and destination airport. The cost of travel is higher during holidays, weekends and in the summer months. Likewise, it is also more expensive to fly from an international destination (like London) than from a domestic one.

A round-trip flight from New York City to Palm Springs costs about $500 for mid-December travel; however, this price can increase significantly if you’re planning on traveling during the holiday season or in January/February when there are many winter vacations planned (especially if you live on the east coast).

According to our data, January is the cheapest month to fly to Palm Springs. This is followed by February and March, which have an average round-trip flight cost of $611. April comes in fourth with a round-trip flight cost of $691, while May is fifth most expensive at $728 per person. June sees a bump up in prices compared to other months at $797 for a round trip flight to Palm Springs, but July drops back down to the seventh place with an average price of $763 per person for the same route. August has an average cost of $766 per person when flying from New York City’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) or Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). Fall brings some relief from higher summer pricing as September averages out at eighth place on our list at $768 per person for one-way tickets; October falls just behind this mark as ninth place ($773), and November rounds out our list with the tenth place ($794).

So, if you’re like me and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on plane tickets, then it makes sense to find the cheapest airport from which to fly into Palm Springs. This all depends on your departure city and who offers the best deals for those flying in from the said city. Here are some examples of airports that offer cheap flights:

  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – $200+ round-trip flights
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO) – $250+ round-trip flights
  • Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) – $300+ round-trip flights

Here are some of my favorite airlines that offer these great prices:

  • American Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines