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Round Trip Flights To West Palm Beach

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About West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is a city located in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States. It is the oldest incorporated municipality in South Florida and one of six county seats of Palm Beach County. The city is known as the “Winter White House” of the United States because it hosts many high-profile events throughout the year including those by President Donald Trump and his family during his term in office (2017–present).

The area that would become West Palm Beach was inhabited by indigenous peoples before being settled by Europeans in 1513. The name “West Palms” was given to this area after its location on high ground above a marshy area called “Lake Worth”. In 1824, Henry Morrison Flagler extended rail service through South Florida when he built two distinct cities: one for winter and another for summer use; this became known as Flagler’s railroad in honor of its founder.[2]

In 1894 Henry Morrison Flagler created ten miles (16 km) southwards along Lake Worth Lagoon along with becoming an important port supporting international trade routes such as New York City to Havana via Key West.[3]

Top Places to Visit in West Palm Beach

  • Palm Beach
  • Royal Poinciana Playhouse
  • Boca Raton
  • CityPlace (formerly known as Downtown), located just outside of downtown West Palm Beach, is a shopping and dining destination for locals. It’s home to many upscale restaurants, including some that were once only accessible by car or boat. There are also plenty of high-end clothing stores, jewelry boutiques, and specialty shops at this mall which was built in 1967. This area has been transformed into an entertainment district with live music venues such as The Fillmore Silver Bullet Room & Restaurant on Clematis Street & Melba’s Lounge at Lake Worth Road; both located near Bethesda Terrace Drive & Lake Worth Road

Top tips for finding cheap flights to West Palm Beach

  • Use Skyscanner.
  • Use Google Flights.
  • Use Hopper to search for flights and book them directly through the app. It’s free, it has a lot of features, and you can even compare multiple airlines in one place (like I did). You’ll have no problem finding cheap tickets from West Palm Beach to wherever you want to go!
  • Momondo is another great site for finding cheap flights; check out the reviews below before buying any tickets online though—you might be surprised by what people say about their experience with this website/app: “This was my first time using momondo” or “I had never been on this website before.” Either way, you need some sort of research beforehand so that if something goes wrong when booking your flight everything falls into place smoothly afterward instead of causing stress over whether or not something went wrong due to having wasted time trying out different websites without knowing which ones would work best overall.”

Top 5 airlines flying to West Palm Beach

If you’re looking for an airline that flies to West Palm Beach, five main carriers offer direct flights. These include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and JetBlue Airways. Southwest Airlines also flies to West Palm Beach from both New York City and Dallas/Fort Worth airports—but only on select days during the week (Monday through Friday).

You can choose between these airlines by checking out their schedules online or calling their customer service line at . You’ll need to know when your trip is scheduled so that you can plan accordingly!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are direct flights to West Palm Beach, and they’re often cheaper than indirect flights. Direct flights are more expensive because they require more fuel and other costs. However, on weekdays there can be some savings to be had with a direct flight over an indirect one (especially if you’re flying out of New York City).

Make sure you look at the flight times too! Most people get off work early in the morning—so if you want your flight home early enough that it won’t cost as much money on your card then make sure it leaves at 8 am instead of 9 am or 10 am so that it arrives somewhere around 4 pm instead of 5 pm which will save about $200 per person depending on how many people are traveling together!

Flights to West Palm Beach are usually more expensive than flying one way, though there are exceptions. You can save money by flying to an airport near your destination and then getting a car or taking a bus or train back home.

If you’re visiting for an extended period, consider visiting other nearby cities such as San Juan, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale before deciding on which city is best for your trip.

January and February are the most expensive months to fly. The lowest fares are in May and June, with a few days of additional savings in July, August, September, and October.

You can fly for a $350 round trip from New York City to West Palm Beach in December!

West Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) is the most expensive airport to fly into. It’s also the busiest, with more than 4 million passengers traveling through it each year. The closest airports are Palm Beach County Park Airport and Miami International Airport.

If you want to save money on your flight, look into flying through one of these cities instead: