Fulfillment Policy

In accordance with our fulfilment policy, we at Roundtripsflight.com company place a high priority on safeguarding your privacy and being clear about how we collect, use, and disclose the information we collect about you. This website has been established in order to help you better understand what we do with the data we collect about you, why and how we obtain or use your personal information, and what we do with the data you supply us.

It is our policy to treat the information we collect about you when you use our travel products or services or otherwise engage with us, unless another specific policy is referenced for specific circumstances (for example, by attending our events). Roundtripsflight.com company provides a wide range of services and goods to its passengers and customers. Services refer to products and services such as those listed above, as well as those found on our websites. Throughout this policy, they are collectively referred to as “services.”

In this policy, you will learn about your rights as well as how you can exert control over how we use the information you provide us. The information in this section also explains how you can obtain a copy of or make changes to the personal information we have on file about you.

It is your employer’s obligation to ensure that the policies of your firm are adhered to. This Privacy Notice has been made available to you in order to assist your employer in conveying your privacy rights to you. Your employer is required to ensure that your personal information is handled in the manner that you desire, in line with all applicable laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Whether your employer has to give you more notice is a question that needs to be answered. To find out, you should talk to them and find out if they do.

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