14 Fun Things To Do In Benton Arkansas

Little Rock Central High School National Historic


Benton is a city in Northwest Arkansas that enjoys a thriving community and culture. It was first established in 1836 and named for Congressman Thomas Hart Benton by the Little Rock Arkansas Gazette. The city has grown over the years, although it still retains its small-town charm. You’ll find plenty of things to do here with your family or group of friends, from visiting museums and galleries to taking in live music shows or seeing movies at drive-in theaters.

Visit the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

  • Visit the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site (the school’s former building)
  • Walk through the museum exhibits. The museum is located in the restored building, which was part of a segregated high school for African-American students from 1957 to 1963. It was also where nine black teenagers were forced to integrate into an all-white school during desegregation in 1957. You can experience what it was like for them by walking through one of its rooms, then seeing what it looks like today. The other exhibits include photographs, documents, and artifacts from that period as well as items from throughout American history.
  • Take a tour of the grounds surrounding LRCHS. There are many historic buildings on these grounds including one that served as a segregationist headquarters during protest times; one with bullet holes still visible from 1960s demonstrations; and another where Martin Luther King Jr.’s speechwriter prepared him for his “I Have A Dream” speech at Washington Dc’s Lincoln Memorial in 1963 (a replica stands here).

Take a hike at Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Pinnacle Mountain State Park is a great place to hike. It’s the highest point in Arkansas, and it has a beautiful view of the Ozarks. There are several trails, and they’re all different lengths: some are easy for beginners, while others are more challenging for experienced hikers. One of these trails leads to Pinnacle Mountain itself, where you can enjoy sweeping views from atop this iconic peak.

Spend a day at the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum

The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum is an excellent place to visit, whether you want to learn about the history of the Arkansas River and the Mississippi River or simply relax with a museum membership. The museum has exhibits, a boat shop, and a gift shop, and is home to the USS Razorback submarine.

The museum offers many activities from monthly club meetings to summer camps for kids. Whether you’re interested in learning more about maritime preservation or improving your skills as a sailor on landlocked waters—this is an attraction worth visiting!

Watch a movie at The Big Drive-In Theatre

The Big Drive-In Theatre is a drive-in movie theater located in Benton. It has two screens, a playground, and first-run movies. The theatre is open year-round and is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

The Big Drive-In Theatre offers outdoor seating with a clear view of both screens. The sound system at this location is great; there’s no need to worry about missing out on any important parts of the movie because you can’t hear them! You can bring food from home or grab some popcorn from their snack bar as well as drinks from their concession stand before settling into your seat for the show!

Have lunch at Gusano’s Chicago Style Pizzeria

Gusano’s Chicago Style Pizzeria is a great place to have lunch. The food is delicious, the service is good, the value is good and the location is perfect. The atmosphere of this restaurant makes it a great place to hang out with friends and family. This place has amazing pizza that will make you want more after you are done eating it!

See live music at The Rev Room

If you love live music, then The Rev Room is the place to be. Every Friday and Saturday night, this Benton concert venue hosts a variety of bands ranging from country to rock ‘n’ roll. If that’s not enough for your musical tastes, they also have open mic nights where anyone can get up on stage and perform their talent.

The Rev Room has a full bar and serves food as well as ice-cold beer or wine. There is also a dance floor so you can show off your moves! The venue is open to all ages which mean anyone can enjoy themselves at this concert venue in Benton. The Rev Room is located at 1105 Commerce Drive and you can call them at (501) 704-2459 if you need more information about their shows or events.

Catch a game at Dickey-Stephens Park

You can catch a game of baseball at Dickey-Stephens Park, where the Arkansas Travelers play their home games. The stadium is located in North Little Rock, and it was originally built in 1929. It’s the oldest ballpark in the minor leagues, but it’s still modern enough to be considered one of America’s best places to watch a game!

Dickey-Stephens Park also hosts other events such as concerts and sporting events, so be sure to check out their website before you visit for more information about what else is happening there.

Take a virtual trip with the USS Razorback submarine tour

When you arrive at the dock, you will be given a headset for your tour. The headsets let you hear about the history of the USS Razorback and how it was used during World War II, as well as what life was like on board. You can also see where all of the different jobs were located on board, such as the engine room and sleeping quarters. After learning about these areas, you will be able to explore them yourself by using an interactive map within your headset.

After seeing all of these parts of the submarine, take some time to sit back and relax while being taken up into Lake Bistineau where you’ll see fish swimming around outside your window!

Go wine tasting at Eden Vale Winery in Hot Springs

If you’re looking for a memorable wine-tasting experience, look no further than Eden Vale Winery in Hot Springs. This family-owned winery is open to the public and has an extensive selection of wines including sweet and dry whites, reds, and rosés. They also offer a wide assortment of wine flights featuring five unique wines that can be enjoyed on the premises or taken home with you!

Visit the Bill Clinton Presidential Library & Museum.

The Bill Clinton Presidential Library & Museum is the largest presidential library in the country. Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, it features a museum and research center with thousands of pieces of historical documents, photographs, and artifacts from Clinton’s time as president. The museum also has a replica of the Oval Office that you can walk through to see what it looked like during his presidency.

This is one place where children and adults can learn together about one of America’s most beloved presidents!

Play with animals at the Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo.

The Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo offer you the chance to see a wide variety of animals, including alligators and crocodiles. The petting zoo is home to goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, ponies, and other farm animals. It also has a pond with a variety of fish. There are also rides for children and a play area set up for kids.

The farm market sells locally-grown vegetables in season (apples in the fall and winter), as well as honey from their beehives! They offer fresh eggs from their chickens if you want to buy some too!

Shop for antiques at Market Basket and More

While Benton is not a shopping mecca, it does have a few unique and fun places to shop. For example, Market Basket and More is the largest antique store in Benton. They have everything from furniture to hand-blown glassware for sale. The owners also sell their handmade quilts as well. If you’re looking for something with a more local flavor than what you’d find at Market Basket and More, then visit one of Benton’s many other antique shops or flea markets.

Explore the Natural History Museum of North Louisiana.

The museum’s exhibits include live animals, fossils, and paleontology and geology specimens. There is also a planetarium that shows educational films. The museum is open year-round during regular hours only; closed from November to February due to the weather conditions in the region at that time of year. Entry costs $8 for adults, $5 for seniors ages 65 and older, and college students with a valid ID card, and free for children under age 10 when accompanied by an adult.

Eat some wings from Superior Bar and Grill.

Visit Superior Bar and Grill for their signature wings. The restaurant is known for its delicious, large, spicy, and sweet wings that come with a side of fries or coleslaw. You can also get them with ranch dressing if you prefer to dip your wings in the sauce instead of eating them whole (which is actually what I do). 

They have multiple sauces available, including one called “The Inferno” which is served on request only—but trust me when I say it’s worth it! If you’re not up for eating in-house but still want some great food from this establishment, they offer delivery too!

Benton has lots to offer visitors.

Benton is a great place to visit, and there are plenty of things to do here. The city has a long history dating back to the early 1800s when it was first established. In 1832, Benton was officially incorporated as a city and became home to a variety of businesses like lumber mills and farms.

Today, visitors can still see many historical sites around Benton such as its old courthouse building that was built in 1830 by architect Henry R. Shepley; this impressive structure features gorgeous columns on both sides with statues representing Justice and Mercy standing guard above them at each end of the building’s façade (you may also recognize it from its appearance in several movies). 

Another must-visit location is Historic Village Park: here you’ll find five historic structures including an old schoolhouse where children could attend classes until they were 14 years old—the youngest age allowed under the law at the time!


Benton is a great place to visit, with lots of things to do. Whether you’re looking for history or fun, Benton has something for everyone. Take a look at our list above and see what appeals to you—then get out there!

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