11 Fun Things To Do In Boulder Colorado


There’s a lot more to the city of Boulder than university life and mountain views. The city has an eclectic mix of attractions, from the University of Colorado at Boulder and the Chautauqua Dining Hall to diverse restaurants and bars. There’s also plenty for families and kids, including gardens, parks, playgrounds, and a zoo that boasts one of only two giraffe herds in North America!

Enjoy a great day out on the town.

  • Enjoy a great day out on the town.

Boulder’s downtown area is filled with restaurants, bars, and shops. Great food can be found everywhere, like at the Oskar Blues Brewery (a local favorite) or Zeppelin Station for German pub fare. If you’re looking for some nightlife entertainment, there are several comedy clubs and concert venues where you can laugh or dance the night away.

  • Go for a hike.

With 300+ days of sunshine per year, Boulder has plenty to offer outdoor adventurers from snowshoeing in Eldorado Canyon to hiking along Chautauqua Park trails during summer months or cross-country skiing during wintertime when temperatures drop below freezing!

Take in the incredible views of Boulder Valley.

If you are looking for a vacation spot that provides an incredible view of the surrounding area, then Boulder Valley is the place to be. The area has plenty of things to do and see, including hiking trails, fishing spots, and even driving tours.

Hit the museums, galleries, and parks.

  • The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art: This museum has the largest concentration of Picasso ceramics in the world and boasts a collection that includes works by Andy Warhol, Willem de Kooning, Robert Rauschenberg, and many more.
  • Chautauqua Auditorium: Located on the campus of the University of Colorado-Boulder, this historic venue has hosted everyone from Bob Dylan to Prince to Dave Matthews Band over its 90-year history.
  • Chautauqua Nature Center: This nature center offers educational programs focusing on local wildlife and ecosystems as well as art exhibits that highlight both local talent as well as artists from around the world who are interested in exploring nature through their work.

Hike through Rocky Mountain National Park.

If you’re looking for a way to explore the park, hiking is your best bet. There are numerous trails of varying lengths and difficulty available within Rocky Mountain National Park, so you can hike as long or as short as you like. Some trails allow you to get even closer to nature by traversing through dense forests or across meadows filled with wildflowers. Other trails offer incredible views of the mountains and valleys below.

Some of these hikes have steep grades that require a steady footing. You may also encounter some muddy sections depending on the time of year and weather conditions. If this is something that worries you, try starting on an easier trail first before progressing onto something more challenging later in your visit!

Stroll along the Pearl Street Mall.

The Pearl Street Mall is the heart of downtown Boulder, with many restaurants and shops along its length. It’s a pedestrian-only street, and it’s open late into the night. The Pearl Street Mall is also where you’ll find my favorite restaurant in town: Daily Kitchen & Bar.

Get lost in Denver’s vibrant neighborhoods.

Denver has a lot of great neighborhoods. They’re scattered across the city and are big enough to make for a great day trip if you’re just looking for some good eats and drinks. Here’s a look at 10 of them:

  • LoDo (Lower Downtown)
  • Cherry Creek North
  • Golden Triangle
  • Highland
  • Five Points/Wynkoop Brewing District

Eat at one of Denver’s best restaurants.

Denver is a foodie city, with countless options for great restaurants, ethnic food, and more. You can find everything from fancy French restaurants to hole-in-the-wall taco joints if you know where to look. Here are some of our favorite places:

  • The Kitchen Denver – This restaurant serves modern American cuisine with an emphasis on local ingredients. It’s high quality and reasonably priced, making it one of the best restaurants in Denver.
  • The Artichoke Pizza Company – You can get a pizza by the slice here or pick up a whole pie (or two) if you don’t want leftovers. This place has plenty of vegetarian options including vegan cheese!
  • Thai Basil – This Thai restaurant has amazing pad thai as well as curries, soups, and other traditional dishes from Thailand! Everything tastes fresh which makes this one of our favorites…

Explore the city’s parks and green spaces.

Boulder Creek Path

The Boulder Creek Path is a great place to go for a walk or run, especially if you want to see the city from above. The path runs along the creek in central Boulder and connects you with other trails that run through the city. Start at Chautauqua Park, where there are plenty of amenities like restrooms and picnic benches, then head toward Stazio Ballfield on your way up the trail. You’ll pass under bridges that were once used by trains before making it to University Hills at the end of your journey.

Chautauqua Park

If you’re looking for more than just a walking trail, consider heading over to Chautauqua Park where you can grab some lunch or dinner at one of their dining establishments before taking in some live music at their summer concert series! There’s also an amphitheater built inside this park so visitors can enjoy performances during warmer weather months as well as ice skating during colder ones (yes!). You’ll find everything from yoga classes held right next door at The Spot Community Center which is free but requires reservations; kayaking lessons offered nearby along Boulder Creek itself; dog-friendly watering holes where pups can cool off after getting tired out playing fetch with their owners–there isn’t anything better than spending time outdoors surrounded by nature while enjoying all these activities!

Try a new type of cuisine.

Another way to get your taste buds going is to try a new type of cuisine. Boulder’s restaurants have a diverse selection of foods from all over the world, so you’ll be able to find something that fits your tastes. Whether it’s ethnic or modern, you can be sure there are plenty of great places to eat in this area.

If you want more than just food and drinks at your next event, contact us today! We have an extensive list of performers with all types of entertainment options for private parties and corporate events.

It’s easy to find fun things to do in Boulder Colorado

  • Boulder is a great place to visit for anyone looking for fun things to do.
  • If you’re new to Boulder and want some ideas on where to start, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best attractions and experiences that Bolder has to offer.
  • Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities like hiking or biking, museums, and galleries that showcase local artisans or live music performances at one of our many concert venues—we’ve got something for everyone!


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about what’s happening in Boulder. If you’re looking for more things to do in Colorado, check out our guides to other cities like Denver and Fort Collins. And if you need some help planning your trip, we can help with that too!

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