12 Fun Things To Do In Broomfield Colorado


Broomfield is a great place to live and it’s even better when you explore all of the fun things to do there. This Colorado city has so much to offer, from natural beauty and neighborhoods filled with charming homes to parks and recreation centers where you can connect with nature and meet other people. So whether you’re looking for a unique way to spend an afternoon or want to start planning your next trip, here are 21 ideas for things you can do in Broomfield:

Find a Broomfield Artisan

You’ll find the Broomfield Artisan on the west end of the Town Center. It’s home to over 20 different shops and restaurants, including The Museum of Ice Cream, which has garnered international attention for its unique exhibits.

The Broomfield Artisan is open every day from 10 am to 9 pm, so you can visit at any time during your trip!

Sit on the porch

While the rest of Broomfield is enjoying the summer, fall, and winter seasons, there’s something to be said for sitting on your porch with a book in hand or sipping a cup of tea. Sure, it’s not as active as going to the beach or hiking up mountains but you really can’t beat that feeling of being at home.

  • Sit with a good book and read while enjoying some fresh air and sunshine (or rain!).
  • Get comfortable in your favorite chair with a blanket over your lap and enjoy some hot cocoa while listening to the sounds of nature around you.
  • If it’s too hot out there for comfort but you still want those extra few minutes of sunlight before nightfall arrives then grab a board game or cards from inside and play outside on your porch!

Visit a bed & breakfast

  • Visit a bed & breakfast.
  • Broomfield is home to some of the best bed and breakfasts in Colorado. A bed and breakfast offers the comfort of staying at a home, with added perks like gourmet food and spa services. You’ll get to experience the unique charm of each B&B while still being able to explore all that Broomfield has to offer.
  • Find your favorite spot for brunch on Saturday morning – there are plenty of great places in town! Our favorites include The Coffee Exchange, which serves delicious pastries as well as coffee drinks; Sweet Amore Bakery and Café (which has gluten-free options), where you can get an amazing breakfast burrito stuffed with potatoes and hash browns; or The Blue Star Café (a local favorite), which serves up chicken fried steak smothered in gravy over mashed potatoes with biscuits on the side!
  • Booking is easy – just visit our website here for more information on how we can help you find accommodations that fit your needs perfectly!”

Spend time at the library

“It’s a great place to learn and discover more about Broomfield Colorado,” says Library Director and City Council Member Bobbie Steele. “We have books, movies, and magazines for all ages. We also provide access to thousands of online resources including newspaper archives, genealogy records, ebooks, and more.”

The library is an information hub for the community where you can find resources on topics such as government services, health care, and businesses in Broomfield Colorado. The library also hosts author presentations; literacy programs; technology classes; after-school activities for kids; classes taught by local artists or craftspeople; book clubs for teens and adults; music concerts sponsored by the Friends of the Library organization (FOL); children’s story times at many branches throughout the city—just to name a few things!

Walk in Boulder Creek Park

In Boulder Creek Park, you can walk, run or bike on many trails. There are playgrounds and picnic areas as well as wildlife species such as elk, red foxes, and coyotes. There are also many events held in the park including summer concerts.

Take a bike ride through the neighborhood

  • Broomfield is a great place to bike. With its flat landscape, it’s ideal for biking. If you don’t have a bike, you can rent one from local businesses such as BikeRentals or Rocky Mountain Bikes. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, try cycling along the West Rail Line Trail—if you’re up for an even bigger challenge, there are plenty of trails in nearby Denver and Boulder that are perfect for biking enthusiasts.
  • You can bring your dog along on the ride! Just be sure to pick up after them (and don’t let them off leash) so they don’t get lost or run away from home.
  • Get a map of the bike paths by downloading our free app today!

Drive up Lookout Mountain

Take a scenic drive on Lookout Mountain Road, which is located at the base of Lookout Mountain and leads to a mountain lookout. As you drive up the road, you’ll be surrounded by tall pine trees and views of the plains below. Once you reach the top, enjoy the spectacular 360-degree panoramic view. You’ll see nearby Longs Peak and Golden Gate Canyon State Park to your west, as well as Denver to your east.

If you’re looking for somewhere special for lunch or dinner after your drive up Lookout Mountain, check out The Tavern at Cordillera (located in Broomfield); it serves farm-to-table food with locally sourced ingredients from other local farms and vendors.

Explore Allenspark on Mount Evans

There are many things to do in Broomfield Colorado, but one of the best is to hike Mount Evans. This mountain offers some amazing views of the area and can be done by anyone with a good pair of walking shoes.

Mount Evans gets its name from Rt. 7’s first superintendent, Albert Bierstadt named it after his friend and fellow artist Edwin James’ wife Isabelle (Isabel) Evans. It was once used as an observatory for studying astronomy, but now it’s open for hiking year-round. Three different roads lead up to Mount Evans: Echo Lake State Wildlife Area Road (closed in winter), Echo Lake Park Road (open year-round), and Kenosha Pass Road (open Memorial Day – Labor Day). You can drive up this road in your own car—just remember that you need chains if you’re going during winter! Or you can bike or walk up this mountain if you want a more relaxed pace.

Visit a local winery or brewery

In Broomfield, Colorado, there are several great local wineries and breweries to visit. A winery is a place where grapes are grown and wine is made; a brewery is where beer is brewed. These two industries have been around for centuries, but they’re still growing today as more people seek out local businesses that provide products that are fresh and unique. The following list provides information about some of the best places to visit in Broomfield if you’re looking for something fun to do on your next trip:

  • Vineyard Cellars Winery & Bistro – This family-owned business has been making premium wines since 2010 by hand at their vineyard in Boulder County near Longmont. They use traditional practices when it comes to making their product because they believe these methods produce superior results compared with modern ones (like using machines instead). If you decide to visit Vineyard Cellars Winery & Bistro while visiting Broomfield then be sure not only to try one of their signature blends but also to take some time out from tasting new flavors so everyone can enjoy lunch together!
  • Colorado Craft Brewery Tour – While this tour isn’t technically located within city limits it does pass through them twice each day so consider joining them! Their custom bus travels between Fort Collins and Denver stopping at various locations along the way such as Two Rascals Brewing Company whose owners started off homebrewing just five years ago before opening up shop here locally last year without ever having left town before starting their business venture now makes delicious craft beers like West Coast IPA which consists mainly hops grown locally here too!

Go to Broomfield’s annual Gingerbread Village Festival

The Broomfield Gingerbread Village Festival is an annual event that takes place in December and is open to the public. It’s a great family-friendly event, with activities for kids of all ages. You can also explore this massive gingerbread village, which has been built by local volunteers over the last 20 years. The festival also features live entertainment and food trucks as well as fun activities like face painting and balloon animals!

Go to sidewalk sales and events

Broomfield is a great place to go shopping and out to eat. There are sidewalk sales and events where you can find deals on clothing, shoes, home décor, furniture, books, and more! Broomfield also has a lot of fun annual festivals such as Oktoberfest at City Park as well as the International Festival of Arts & Ideas at Central Park in downtown Broomfield.

Watch movies at Theatres near you

  • Cinemark 16
  • Cinebarre Broomfield XD
  • Cinebarre Westminster 13+ Cinema
  • The Movie Tavern

These guys are the best. They carry all the newest releases, but they also have a great range of classics, documentaries, and foreign films. You can buy tickets in advance online or at the theater itself—no need to pay extra for that service! Plus you get a 20% discount when you buy tickets online with your Broomfield Xpress card!

There are many ways to experience Broomfield Colorado

Although Broomfield Colorado is a diverse city, there are many ways to experience its charm. There are many things to do in the city and places to visit as well. The city is also great for families and couples alike.

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