21 Fun Things To Do In Greenwich Connecticut


Greenwich, Connecticut is a beautiful town located on the Long Island Sound. It’s made up of several small villages that have their character and history. If you’re looking for a fun weekend getaway or something exciting to do with your family, Greenwich has it all! Here are 21 things to do in Greenwich Connecticut:

1. Greenwich Avenue

Greenwich Avenue is a historic street in Greenwich, Connecticut. It’s home to many shops, restaurants, and other businesses. But there are also many historical buildings found on the street. If you’re looking for something fun to do in Connecticut with your family or friends then this is a great place to spend an afternoon!

2. Audubon Center

The Audubon Center is a museum and wildlife sanctuary dedicated to the study, propagation, and preservation of birds, reptiles, and mammals. The center has over 200 animal species in its collection including live birds native to Connecticut. The center also provides educational programming for children as well as adults. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids or just want some time outdoors this spot is perfect! Check out their website for more information on hours of operation, events going on throughout the year (such as bird watching), or how you can become a member of their association so that you don’t miss any great activities they may have planned out!

3. Bruce Museum

Bruce Museum is a natural history museum, art museum, and performing arts center located in Greenwich, Connecticut. It was founded by philanthropist Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt in 1900 as an homage to his father, George Washington Vanderbilt II, and named after his grandfather’s home state of New York. The museum was created to display artifacts from Vanderbilt’s collection. 

However, it has grown over time to become one of the premier cultural institutions on Connecticut’s Gold Coast with rotating exhibits featuring works from other artists’ collections as well as pieces from its permanent collen. Since its inception, the Bruce Museum has been affiliated with nearby Fairfield University’s School of Graduate Studies and Research where professors conduct research at both locations under one roof: The Bruce Center for Research on Contemporary Art (BRCCA).

4. First Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church is one of the oldest churches in Greenwich, dating back to 1640. It has been a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) since its inception and was founded by settlers from Britain who were escaping religious persecution by King Charles I. The church still holds services today and is a National Historic Landmark.

The church building itself was constructed in 1730 but underwent renovation after being damaged during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Outside there is a garden that contains an old cemetery where many famous people are buried, including General Israel Putnam who led troops during the Revolutionary War.

5. Flinn Gallery

If you’re an art enthusiast, or even if you aren’t, Flinn Gallery is a place worth visiting. The gallery is located in Greenwich Connecticut and it provides exhibition opportunities for emerging and established artists of all media and genres. The mission of the gallery is to encourage art appreciation through exhibitions that are thought-provoking, diverse, and accessible to all people.

The space itself has a nice feel to it—it has large windows that allow natural light in during the day (great for taking photos) and unique lighting fixtures as well as beautiful artwork displayed throughout the space. There are also regular events held at this location such as live music performances and poetry readings so keep an eye out for upcoming events if you want something more exciting than just viewing artwork!

6. Putnam Cottage

Putnam Cottage is a historic home that was built in 1864. The house was built by Charles Putnam, a prominent lawyer, and politician from Greenwich. It’s an Italianate-style home with two levels of living space.

The Putnam family lived in the house until they moved to New York City at the turn of the century (19th century). In 1970, it became part of the Greenwich Historical Society property on East Avenue where visitors can tour this beautiful home today.

7. Greenwich Polo Club

If you are looking for an exciting and glamorous way to spend a summer day, then the Greenwich Polo Club is the place for you. This exclusive club has been around since 1876, making it one of the oldest polo clubs in America. In addition to hosting matches from June through September, they also offer educational workshops and events for those who wish to learn more about this high-end sport.

8. St Mary Church

St Mary Church is the oldest church in Greenwich, Connecticut. The church was built before 1654 and has been in use since then. It’s one of the oldest churches in America! It was constructed as part of a plan by Governor John Winthrop to establish a town on Long Island Sound (now known as Greenwich). The church remains open today for services and concerts during the weekdays, but visitors are welcome most Saturdays from 9-11 am during which time you can take tours through the building’s history and learn more about its place in American culture.

St Mary Church is located at St Mary’s Road between Eel Point Road and Shore Path Road near several other historical landmarks like Glenmore Estate House & Gardens and Greenwich Town Hall Museum & Genealogical Library.

9. Arch Street Ferry Dock

The Arch Street Ferry Dock is one of the best places to take a walk in Greenwich. This location has breathtaking views of the river and its bridges, plus it offers plenty of green space for picnicking or just sitting on a bench to enjoy the scenery.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can cross over to Westport by hopping aboard a historic ferry. The ride itself is free but if you want to bring your bicycle along with you, there will be an additional fee (it’s $2 per bike). Alternatively, if cycling isn’t your thing and you’d rather not deal with traffic on I-95 or get stuck in rush hour traffic—just park at one end of this lovely town center and spend your day strolling around Greenwich instead!

10. Babcock Preserve

Babcock Preserve is a nature preserve in Greenwich, Connecticut. It is owned by the Greenwich Audubon Society and is located at the end of Babcock Lane. The preserve has a small pond and wetland, a brook, and wetlands.

11. Bringing The Greenback

Located at 1 New York Street, Bringing The Greenback is a farm-to-table restaurant that uses local ingredients. The menu changes with the season and features dishes like Steamed Mussels ($8) and Injectable Pork Belly ($18). There’s also a large patio for outdoor dining.

12. Roger Sherman Baldwin Park

Roger Sherman Baldwin Park is a public park in Greenwich, Connecticut. It is named for Roger Sherman Baldwin, who was a member of the United States House of Representatives from Connecticut from 1875 to 1891.

The park has an area of 25 acres (10 ha) and offers a playground with equipment for children under 12 years old. It also features two tennis courts and two basketball courts with lights which are open to the public free of charge during daylight hours. The picnic area has tables, grills, water fountains, and restrooms available while you’re there.

13. C. Parker Gallery

At C. Parker Gallery you will have a chance to look at great art, meet the artists and get to know about the art scene in Greenwich, Connecticut. This gallery is dedicated to bringing great contemporary art to Greenwich, Connecticut, and nearby communities.

14. Uja-jcc Greenwich

The United Jewish Association of Connecticut (UJA) was founded in 1961 by a group of concerned citizens who recognized the need for a community center that would provide much-needed services to the Jewish community. The first center opened in Stamford, followed by two more locations in Westport and New Haven. Today there are eight additional centers across Connecticut, including one in Greenwich.

15. Diane’s Books

Diane’s Books is a small, quaint bookstore that opened in the summer of 2012. They carry a wide selection of books, including the latest bestsellers and classics. There is also a children’s section with toys and games, as well as a coffee shop where you can grab some hot chocolate while browsing through their selections.

16. Isabella Garrucho Fine Art

Isabella Garrucho Fine Art is a contemporary art gallery that opened in 2017 and is located at the corner of Greenwich Avenue and Railroad Avenue. The gallery specializes in contemporary art and has a focus on abstract expressionism.

The gallery’s founder, Isabella Garrucho, is an artist with 30 years of experience creating paintings that are exhibited around the world. The gallery carries her work as well as other contemporary pieces from artists from around the globe. Isabella Garrucho Fine Art also offers private events where you can rent out their space for parties or corporate events.

17. Manfredi Jewels

_Manfredi Jewels_ is a jewelry store that specializes in diamonds. Located on Greenwich Avenue, Manfredi Jewels has been a family business since 1976.

Located just off Interstate 95, and minutes from Manhattan, Greenwich is the perfect place for an afternoon outing.

18. MAGIC at the DELAMAR

You will be surprised by the dishes offered at MAGIC, a restaurant located at The Delamar. You don’t need to be a food expert to appreciate their menu, which features an array of exotic fare and fresh seafood. They have an extensive wine list with over 1,000 different bottles from all over the world, as well as whiskey and other spirits.

This dining establishment is perfect for any occasion because it can accommodate groups ranging from two people up to 200! Have your event catered by them or choose from one of their many catering packages available on their website.

19. Codogirl

If you’re looking for an Asian-inspired bar and restaurant in Greenwich, Codogirl is your place. Known for its large selection of craft beers and Asian fusion menu items, it’s a popular spot with locals. Cowgirl has a great atmosphere that makes it easy to hang out with friends.

20. Thai Serenity Spa

This full-service spa, located on Greenwich Avenue in downtown Greenwich, offers a wide variety of services for men and women. The spa is open seven days a week and has been featured in magazines such as Town & Country, New England Home and Travel, and Greenwich Magazine. Services include facials, massage therapy (including hot stone), body treatments, and more!

21. Tamarack Country Club

There are many things to do in Greenwich, but if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, consider a day at Tamarack Country Club. This private club is located in the center of Greenwich and has an 18-hole golf course, swimming pool, and tennis courts. Their restaurant serves breakfast through dinner each day. If you’re looking for something different to do while visiting Greenwich check out Tamarack Country Club!


If you’re looking for things to do in Greenwich, there are plenty of options. From shopping at the exclusive boutiques and antique shops, to grabbing a bite at one of its many restaurants or enjoying some of Greenwich’s natural beauty with a hike up Mt. Tom; there is no shortage of fun ways to spend your time.

Greenwich is home to many wonderful museums and galleries that will keep even the most history buff entertained. The Bruce Museum houses a large collection representing over 10,000 years worth of art from around the world including an impressive collection of Netsuke which was carved by monks in Japan during the 17th century. 

They also have two permanent exhibits on marine life as well as their newest exhibit called Hidden Treasures: African Art from the Collection which includes colorful masks, sculptures, and textiles that were collected during colonial times as well as more recent acquisitions by Dr. Suzette Maceda who is curator emerita at The Bruce Museum. Another great place where history comes alive is The Maritime Aquarium which offers interactive exhibits that teach visitors about our oceans through hands-on experiences including dolphin feeding shows with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins! 

If nature is more your thing then head out into town green spaces like Tyler Cowen Park or Trumbull Woods Nature Center where visitors can enjoy wildlife habitats such as trout streams stocked with rainbow trout for fly fishing enthusiasts who want nothing more than peace & quiet away from city life sounds like paradise right?


So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore the fun in Greenwich!

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