14 Fun Things To Do In Huntsville Alabama

Huntsville Alabama


If you’re looking to explore the history, Huntsville has a lot to offer. It’s home to several museums that preserve and educate visitors about the past, including the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, which features interactive exhibits and artifacts from our nation’s space program, and Burritt on the Mountain Park & Gardens historic mansion museum that brings 19th-century life in Huntsville to life with period furnishings and decor.

If you want something more active than reading or touring historical sites, there are plenty of outdoor activities here too: kayaking down Wheeler Reservoir; hiking trails at Monte Sano State Park; zip lining through deciduous forests at Lost Valley Canopy Tours; mountain biking at Madras Mountain Adventures; horseback riding along scenic trails nearby…the list goes on!

New York State Museum

Located right across the street from the New York State Museum, the New York State Children’s Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon with your kids.

The museum has three floors of exhibits that promote curiosity, learning, and creativity through hands-on activities in science and technology, art, culture, and history.

Hours are 10 am – 5 pm Monday through Saturday; 11 am – 5 pm on Sunday. Admission is $15 for adults; $12 for seniors 65+; $10 for children 3-14 (under 3 free).

Prospect Mountain

  • Location: 13050 Prospect Mountain Road, Huntsville, AL 35803
  • Hours: April 1 – October 31, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Nov. 1 – March 31 (closed Tuesdays), 12 p.m.-5 p.m.; closed on major holidays
  • Cost: Adults $12; Seniors (65+) and children $7; Active Military or DoD ID holders free
  • What to wear/bring: Comfortable clothes, tennis shoes or hiking boots if you plan on doing the trails, sunscreen, and bug spray

Adirondack Winery

  • Location: 8096 County Road 12, Montello, NY 13321
  • Hours of Operation: 11 a.m.-7 p.m. daily (May–October), closed weekends in February and March
  • What They Offer: Wine tours of their vineyards (with tastings), wine parties and special events, classes on how to make your wine at home, orchard tours and picking events (such as apple picking), farm stays at the winery’s Bed & Breakfast
  • What Makes Them Unique: “We are dedicated to showcasing the highest quality wines using creativity and innovation.” The Adirondack Winery is located on an organic family farm where everything from apples to peaches is grown. Their award-winning wines have won gold medals at both national and international competitions for years now! Who knew there were so many awards out there?
  • How To Get There: Take route 28N west toward AuSable Forks/Keene Valley/Glen Falls area; exit right onto Route 11 north towards Paul Smiths/Lake Placid area; exit left onto Route 28 west towards Saranac Lake/Lake Placid area; take first right onto County Road 12 where you will see the sign saying “Adirondack Winery”

The Wild Center

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, The Wild Center is the perfect place. Located in Tupper Lake, NY, this nature museum has been educating visitors about wildlife since 2001. It was founded by the National Wildlife Federation as a way to teach people more about the natural world around them.

The Wild Center features an exhibit hall with interactive dioramas and hands-on activities that allow visitors to learn all about North American animals in their natural habitat from birds to bears! You’ll also find a butterfly house where you can see live butterflies fluttering around your head (but don’t worry, their wings aren’t sharp). For kids who need some time away from their parents, there’s a children’s play area full of toys and games for all ages. If that wasn’t enough already, there’s even an animal gift shop where you can purchase educational books or souvenirs for yourself or someone else special in your life!

Lake George Steamboat Company

  • You can take a ride on the Lake George Steamboat Company, which has been operating for nearly 150 years. The boats are modeled after those used in the early 19th century, and they have four decks, two paddlewheels, and two masts. They also have indoor heating and plenty of space so you won’t get wet even if it rains!
  • One thing that makes these cruises unique is their focus on educating visitors about local history—the guides will tell you all kinds of interesting facts about what life was like in this area before modern conveniences were invented (like electricity).
  • If you’ve ever wondered how these boats operate without engines or fuel-burning sources at all (like horses), then don’t worry: there’s an onboard demonstration from a licensed captain who’ll show you exactly how steam power works! They’re pretty easy to understand once he explains everything thoroughly enough for first-timers like me to grasp fully—no worries here!

Museum of Science and Innovation

The Museum of Science and Innovation is an educational experience for the whole family. Located in downtown Huntsville, the museum has over two hundred exhibits, many of which are interactive. Families can also visit the planetarium or try out robotic simulations.

The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM-5 PM and on Sunday from 12 PM-5 PM. For more information about hours and admission, visit their website here: [link].

Special exhibits include “The Body” and “Iron Man Experience” (open until April 14th). The Body explores how our bodies work through interactive displays that allow visitors to explore human anatomy using sensors placed on their limbs and torsos, while Iron Man Experience allows guests to test some of Tony Stark’s suits before diving into immersive simulations that put them at center stage battling villains like Whiplash!

If you’re traveling with kids under 8 years old then head over to Marvel Universe Live!, an action-packed show featuring heroes like Spiderman & Black Panther who battle villains including Loki & Ultron! It runs daily at 3:30 pm & 7 pm (with additional shows during Spring Break).

Fort William Henry Museum & Restoration

Fort William Henry Museum & Restoration is a fascinating place to visit, especially if you are a history buff. It was originally built in 1755 and was rebuilt in 1995. The Fort is located on Jacobs Lake, which is just outside of Huntsville Alabama.

The museum has many exhibits that tell the story of the fort and its history. Some actors dress up as people from that period, like soldiers and Native Americans living nearby at that period called the Cherokees (or maybe it’s Cherokee). You can learn about what life was like for them during this period too!

If you want something fun to do after visiting Fort William Henry Museum & Restoration there are plenty of options nearby: Carr Center for Visual Arts, Huntsville Botanical Garden, or UAHuntsville Rocket Propulsion Lab!

Moreau Lake State Park

Moreau Lake State Park, located in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, is one of the best lakes to visit for boating and water activities. The park offers boat rentals for fishing and swimming as well as hiking trails, picnic areas, and a beach.

The park also has a nature center that boasts exhibits relating to birds, mammals, and reptiles found in the region. The center also features live animals such as bears, moose, and coyotes that can be viewed through observation windows or on guided tours (depending on what’s available).

The Great Escape and the Splashwater Kingdom

The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom is a great places to spend a day with your family. There are several rides, attractions, and water parks for kids of all ages. The theme park has some fun rides including the Tornado, Tumbleweed Express, and Drop Zone Stunt Tower! If you have time there is also an amazing beach that is perfect for sunbathing or building sand castles!

Lake George Arts Project

Lake George Arts Project (LGAP) is a world-class arts complex and one of the most exciting things to do in Huntsville. It has an unparalleled collection of paintings, sculptures, and jewelry by artists from around the world. The museum and gallery are open year-round, but there are also many special events at LGAP throughout the year.

  • Opening Night Gala
  • Winter Solstice Celebration
  • Tour d’Art Open House
  • Viva! La Galleria: Art Show & Sale for a Cause!

Arrowhead Recreation Area

Arrowhead Recreation Area is the perfect place to spend a day out with the kids. The park has a playground, disc golf course, and picnic areas where you can enjoy the outdoors without having to leave it all behind. And if you’re looking for something else to do, why not take advantage of their nature center and go on one of their many guided hikes? You can even rent bikes or bring your own if you want!

The best part about visiting Arrowhead is that there’s so much here for everyone—whether it’s an afternoon picnic or a full-day adventure trip with your friends or family. Even though this park isn’t as big as some others in Huntsville (and therefore might not seem like much), there are plenty of things to do at Arrowhead that will keep everyone entertained for hours on end!

Arrowhead is located right next door to another great outdoor recreation area: Merrimack Park! If you have time before going into Arrowhead itself then we highly recommend stopping by Merrimack first because there are several additional things inside including baseball fields/tennis courts/basketball courts/soccer fields that make it perfect if sports are important components in your life plan today.”

Mount Pisgah, Saratoga County, NY

Mount Pisgah is a mountain and state park in Saratoga County, New York. It is located on the border of the towns of Hadley and Corinth, in Saratoga County. The mountain is part of the Helderberg Escarpment.

Mount Pisgah was named after Mount Pisgah on the east side of Jerusalem as described in Deuteronomy 34:1-4.” And Moses went up from the plains of Moab unto mount Nebo to the top of Pisgah…” According to local legend, there are two separate peaks—one known as “Pisgah” and one called “Mount Nebo.” The latter has been called by several names including “Mount Sinai,” but this name did not come into use until after 1820 when it achieved prominence with its elevation above sea level also incorporated into religious records such as those kept by Rev. John Fiske in 1820 who wrote, “At Mount Sinai (on top).”


Huntsville is in the heart of Adirondack Country and offers so many fun things to do. It’s great for families, couples, and groups of friends who want to spend some time together. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or museums, there’s something here for everyone!

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