11 Fun Things To Do In Juneau Alaska

Valley of the Moon


Juneau, the capital of Alaska and a hub for adventure, has plenty to see and do in June. From sightseeing to hiking and kayaking, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy your time in Juneau. Here are 14 of our favorite things to do in Juneau this month:

Valley of the Moon

The Valley of the Moon is a beautiful valley with many hiking trails and opportunities to see wildlife. The valley also has several waterfalls, including one that you can hike to.

You can take pictures of each waterfall and see how they change over time as they flow down into the river below. This is one of my favorite places to go when I want to get away from everything else in Juneau, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is the only place in the world where you can see bald eagles soaring above and feeding right above your head. The beach is just outside of Juneau, so it’s a convenient day trip from town.

If you want to get a good look at the birds, try to go as early as possible (the park opens at dawn). The key is finding out if they’re going to be there that day—it’s not guaranteed that they will come every day! If you have time before sunset, go back later in the afternoon so that you can watch them feed again before heading out for dinner or drinks in Juneau.

Mendenhall Glacier

The Mendenhall Glacier is the most popular attraction in Juneau, and it’s only a short drive from downtown. There are several ways to see this glacier: hiking, biking, or driving. Visitors can also go to the Visitor’s Center at the end of their journey and learn more about glaciers.

Hiking is a fun way to get up close to Mendenhall Glacier since you will be able to see it on foot and hear its sounds (if you’re lucky enough). Biking is another great option if you want a view from above as well as below; just make sure that you bring your bike helmet! If driving isn’t your thing but still want a closer look at this amazing site – hop aboard one of our guided tours which includes transportation by bus or van.

The Last Chance Mining Museum

  • The Last Chance Mining Museum was founded in 1974, and it’s dedicated to the history of gold mining in Juneau.
  • The museum is located on the second floor of a building that used to be a saloon back in the day.
  • It’s a great place for kids or adults who want to learn more about Alaska’s interesting history: exhibits include mining equipment, tools, artifacts from various eras (including one from 1901), as well as photos and videos.
  • The museum also offers guided tours that start at different times throughout the day; check out their website for more information!

Red Dog Saloon

Located in Douglas, Alaska, and known for its Red Dog Saloon Bar, this bar is located on the edge of the Mendenhall Glacier. Sports fans can watch their favorite teams play while enjoying a cold beer or cocktail. It also provides live music entertainment including country and western bands.

If you prefer more intimate surroundings then check out some of the other bars in town. Many offer great food and drink specials along with friendly bartenders who will help you make new friends during your stay here!

Nugget Falls Trail

The Nugget Falls Trail is a short hike that starts at the visitor center and winds through the rainforest. This trail is an easy one to do with kids, as it’s only about two miles long. You can see Nugget Falls from above or below, but if you want to get closer to the falls, be sure to wear waterproof shoes and pack a change of clothes in case you decide to jump in!

The trailhead for Nugget Falls is located just behind the visitor center on Front Street in Juneau. From there it’s about a half-mile walk until you reach your starting point. The trail itself is pretty easy—it follows along some wooden boardwalks and bridges that guide hikers through more than 15 different types of trees including Sitka spruce, western hemlock, Douglas fir, cedar trees (including Alaska yellow cedar), common yew shrubs and various other native plants such as salmonberries and salal berries which grow throughout Southeast Alaska during summer months when berries are ripe for picking!

Juneau-Douglas City Museum

This museum is located in the former territorial capitol building, which was built in 1916 and served as Alaska’s first state capitol building. The museum houses exhibit on the history of Juneau, including its people, government, economy, and social life. A gift shop is also located within the museum for visitors looking for souvenirs from their trip to Juneau. The museum is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm during summer months; admission costs $5 per person or $8 per family (two adults and up to five children).

Mt. Roberts Tramway

A visit to Juneau should be a full-day affair, but if you’re pressed for time, a trip to the Mount Roberts Tramway is a great way to get up close to the glaciers without spending hours hiking. The trip takes about 15 minutes each way and offers spectacular views of the city below. It’s also great fun for photographers who want some interesting shots of Juneau’s stunning scenery.

If hiking isn’t your thing (or if you’ve already done it), then consider this alternative: take in the scenery from above! The tramway is open year-round and makes it easy for visitors who don’t want to put in much effort at all.

The Mount Roberts Tramway is also the home base for climbers headed up toward Mt. Barrow: one of Alaska’s tallest peaks with an elevation of over 6,000 feet above sea level

Auke Bay Recreation Area

Auke Bay Recreation Area is located in Auke Bay, and it’s a great place to enjoy the outdoors. The area has several activities that can be enjoyed by families with children, including kayaking, fishing, and biking. Adults can also enjoy the scenery while they exercise on trails that run through forested areas and along the shoreline of Auke Lake.

Taku Glacier Lodge

In Juneau, there are three ways to enjoy a stay at Taku Glacier Lodge. You can rent by the hour—the perfect option if you want to see and do as much as possible in one day. You could also opt for an overnight stay at this historic lodge, which has been around since 1959. Or if you want something in between, consider booking a half-day package that includes a full breakfast and lunch with optional alcoholic beverages. The lodge sits on the banks of the Taku River and provides guests with access to its sauna, hot tubs (both indoor and outdoor), and other amenities such as Wi-Fi service throughout the property.


To sum up, Juneau is a city that offers more than enough to keep you busy. There are many things to do in Juneau and the best places to visit in Juneau. The city is also surrounded by beautiful scenery, which makes it even more appealing for tourists who want to explore Alaska’s natural beauty. If you’re planning a trip there soon, be sure to check out these activities!


We hope this list of Juneau activities has helped you determine the best way to enjoy a visit to Alaska’s capital city. Whether you want to explore history or nature, there are many great options for adventure in Juneau. If you’re planning a trip there soon, be sure not to miss out on these 14 things!

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