21 Fun Things To Do In Littleton Colorado


Littleton, Colorado is a beautiful city in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. If you’re looking for things to do in Littleton CO, this list will give you some ideas of what there is to do here. These 21 fun things include outdoor activities such as visiting Roxborough State Park and Chatfield State Park as well as indoor activities like going to an art gallery or taking a class at Exclusive Martial Arts.

1. Roxborough State Park

Roxborough State Park is a state park located in Littleton, Colorado. The park was established in 1971 and is known for its mountain biking trails, which are popular with local bikers. There are five miles of trails available, with the most difficult being an expert-level trail that features steep inclines and declines, sharp turns, rocks, and roots along the way.

2. Littleton Museum

At Littleton Museum, you’ll find exhibits that cover Colorado’s rich history. The museum features a lot of different exhibits including a replica of an 1860s cabin and a World War II aircraft exhibit. The museum also has an extensive collection of Native American artifacts, as well as artifacts from area pioneers.

The gift shop at Littleton Museum is worth checking out too! It has a wide array of books and toys for kids (and adults) to enjoy while they’re there. There are also many pieces on display in the gift shop that will make wonderful additions to your collection or home decorating projects!

3. Chatfield State Park

Chatfield State Park is a Colorado state park located in Jefferson County. It is located along the South Platte River, approximately 10 miles (16 km) southwest of Denver and just east of Littleton.

The park encompasses over 3200 acres, including several lakes and ponds as well as open meadowlands, hillsides, and woodland areas.

4. Breckenridge Brewery

If you’re looking for a place to get your beer on, Breckenridge Brewery is the perfect spot. With locations in Denver and Breckenridge, it’s no wonder why this brewery has become so popular. Since 1990, they have been brewing their beer and have created many different types with unique flavors including Agave Wheat, Vanilla Porter, and Avalanche Ale.

If you love trying new beers or learning about how they are made then take advantage of the tours offered at each location. Tours range from $5-$15 depending on which tour you choose but will take place every day except Sundays from 12 pm-8 pm daily! If you want to try some brews without being bothered by other guests then head over during happy hour from 3-6 pm where there will be live music playing while everyone enjoys half-off pints all night long!

5. South Platte Park and the Carson Nature Center

South Platte Park and the Carson Nature Center are two great places to spend an afternoon in Littleton. A nature center is a great place for kids and adults alike to learn about the wildlife in the area, as well as a host of environmental topics. They also have interactive exhibits to teach people about things such as recycling, composting, how to care for animals, and much more.

The park has a huge playground with climbing equipment, slides, and swings along with picnic areas where you can sit down and relax after spending some time playing outside with your kids (or friends). There are also hiking trails that wind through the woods surrounding South Platte Park so you can get away from all of those pesky crowds if you want some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of city life or just need some exercise after having been cooped up inside all winter long! It’s also important to note that there is an off-leash dog park located within South Platte Park so if your furry friend loves going on walks but gets bored when they’re restricted by leashes then this might be something worth checking out!

6. Robert Clement Park

There’s plenty to do at this park. Littleton’s Robert Clement Park is open from dawn to dusk and has a playground, picnic tables, and a walking path. The park is also free and open to the public! If you want some exercise while you’re there, try out one of the two tennis courts or go for a run on one of its many miles of trails. This park is great for all ages so bring your whole family!

7. Deer Creek Canyon Park

Deer Creek Canyon Park is a beautiful park with a lot of hiking trails. It is a great place to go for a walk or hike. There are also many picnic areas and playgrounds, as well as an off-leash dog park.

If you decide to visit Deer Creek Canyon Park, make sure you bring your camera because there is so much to see!

8. Hudson Gardens – Free

Littleton is a great place to visit, so let’s kick things off with something we’re sure you’ll like: Hudson Gardens. This botanical garden was founded in 1990 and is located at 15200 E. Quincy Ave., Littleton, CO 80123. It’s open daily from 9 am to 5 pm and admission is free!

Hudson Gardens offers both indoor and outdoor gardens with a wide variety of plants and flowers to enjoy. There are also many other unique features for you to explore as well such as the Discovery Center which houses over 100 hands-on exhibits for children (ages 6+) if nature sounds more appealing then be sure not to miss out on their Butterfly Pavilion that lets you get up close with hundreds of butterflies from around the world without ever leaving home!

9. Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms

Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms is a hidden gem in Littleton, Colorado. This place has gardens, art, and food (they have an outdoor kitchen). There are plenty of places to explore and enjoy the outdoors as well. They even have a lake! Make sure you check out their website before going so that you can plan your visit accordingly.

The Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms is free to visit! There are activities for all ages including hiking trails, picnic areas with fire pits, playgrounds for kids and adults alike (there’s even one that’s wheelchair accessible), guided tours through gardens filled with exotic plants from around the world (the buildings themselves are covered in ivy), sculptures by some big names including Frank Gehry who designed this building here on screen right now…

10. Danny Dietz Memorial

Location: Littleton’s Danny Dietz Memorial Park, 16th Avenue, and S. Wadsworth Blvd.

Description: The memorial has a small sign in front of it that reads “For those who died on September 11th, 2001.” The memorial itself is a small piece of land covered with grass and rocks, surrounded by trees and bushes.

When to visit: If you’re looking for something peaceful or meditative to do during your trip to Littleton, this is the perfect place for you! The park is pretty quiet for most of the day; however, it does see an uptick in activity around lunchtime and during early evenings when students from nearby schools use the space as an after-school hangout spot.

11. Town Hall Arts Center

Do you like theater? Do you like art? Do you like taking in the local arts scene? The Town Hall Arts Center is the perfect place for you!

Located in Littleton, Colorado this nonprofit community arts center provides space for the performing arts, visual arts, and other creative endeavors. The center hosts a variety of events including art classes, concerts, and plays.

12. Arapahoe Greenway Trail

The Arapahoe Greenway Trail is one of the best places to take your dog in Littleton. The trail is 4 miles long and you can pick it up at either Pleasant View Road or South Broadway. The terrain on this path is mostly flat but there are a couple of inclines throughout the trail, so be sure to wear good shoes! If you want to make this trek more interesting, try adding some hills into your workout routine by running up them instead of walking down them!

This route also runs through beautiful open fields and meadows full of wildflowers where you’ll find majestic mountain views along the way. The Arapahoe Greenway Trail offers a unique view of nature that’s unlike anything else in the area—if you’re looking for something new and exciting for your next hike then look no further than this gem among trails!

13. Living The Dream Brewing Company

Located in a historic building on the corner of Harvard and Broadway, this brewery offers a variety of ales, porters, stouts, and seasonal beers. The taps change regularly so there’s always something new to try!

The brewery is open from 3 pm-7 pm Wednesday through Friday and from noon until 7 pm Saturday & Sunday. There are also tours of the facility offered at 2:30 pm on Saturdays as well as other special events throughout the week.

The food menu here is small but still tasty with options like tacos made with their beer batter or quiche made with their housemade sauerkraut. They also have wine on tap if you prefer something non-alcoholic or want to pair it up with your meal

14. Exclusive Martial Arts

Martial arts are a great form of exercise and can also be used to defend yourself. Exclusively Martial Arts is located in Littleton, Colorado, and offers a variety of martial arts styles including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Krav Maga. The school is also home to the Great Grapplers Association; a group that hosts tournaments all over the country for adults and kids alike! If you’re looking for some fun things to do in Littleton then check out Exclusive Martial Arts today!

15. Roxborough Skate Park

The Roxborough Skate Park is an exciting place for kids to hang out. There are lots of ramps and rails to play on, and it’s free! It’s open from dawn until dusk, so you can spend as much time there as you’d like.

If you’re looking for something different to do in Littleton Colorado, this skate park is sure to entertain everyone in your family.

16. SeaQuest Littleton

SeaQuest is a unique indoor water park and family entertainment center, located in Littleton, Colorado. SeaQuest offers attractions for all ages. From a zero-depth entry aquatic play area for toddlers to the high-speed tube slides and activity pool for teens and adults; SeaQuest provides fun for everyone!

SeaQuest is an exciting and fun place for families to enjoy together. The entire family will love the lazy river, wave pool, geysers, beach entry into our heated outdoor pool (seasonally), giant waterslide tower with three separate slides (including an inner tube slide), as well as bubble jets throughout the facility. There are also climbing walls with both vertical & horizontal ladders & equipment that children can climb on safely without having to worry about them getting hurt or falling off because it’s secured by hooks attached every few feet apart from one another so there are no gaps between them where someone could fall through if they weren’t careful enough when walking around them while playing there too!

17. Ridge Indoor Pools

For the swimming enthusiast, there’s no better place than Ridge Indoor Pools in Littleton. With everything from an indoor pool to a water slide, hot tub and whirlpool, kids’ pool, and lap pool—not to mention spa services—this is the perfect spot for your next getaway. This expansive facility also offers meeting rooms for events, a fitness center, and party rooms.

18. Jungle Quest

Jungle Quest is an indoor play center that’s sure to keep the kids entertained. With a huge play structure, slides, tunnels, and ball pits (not to mention jumping pillows!), they will have plenty of things to do while you can sit back and relax in the cafe. If you want some time alone with your children or just need a break from them all playing together then this place is perfect for you. Jungle Quest also has a sports court where the kids can play basketball or soccer with their friends; it’s great for encouraging teamwork as well as being active outside!

19. Aspen Grove Shopping Center

It’s always fun to browse through a great shopping center, and Aspen Grove Shopping Center is no exception. With over 30 stores ranging from Macy’s to Nordstrom Rack, you’re bound to find something that you’ll love here!

20. Colorado Antique Gallery

This is a great place to go if you’re looking for antiques, collectibles, and more. Open 7 days a week and located at 6016 S Holly St, Littleton, CO 80120. Call (303) 972-9200 for more information

21. St Patricks Brewing Co

St Patricks Brewing Co. is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a fun environment and good beer. This brewery has been open since 1996, and its location in Littleton makes it very accessible from Denver. The brews themselves are Irish-themed, with names like Emerald Isle IPA and Irish Coffee Stout.

If you decide to stop by this brewery, don’t be surprised if you see a few other people enjoying beers too! This place has an amazing atmosphere that’s relaxed enough for any occasion but also lively enough to make sure your experience is exciting! Plus there are plenty of food options on hand too if that’s what floats your boat – sandwiches are always a good choice as well as appetizers like pretzels or cheese curds!


Littleton is a great place to live and visit. There are so many things to do and see in this town, you will never run out of activities! If you haven’t been here before, then now is the time to make plans for your next visit.

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