21 Fun Things To Do In Manchester Connecticut


With all the excitement of a big city, Manchester is a fun place to visit. Whether you’re looking to experience some indoor thrills, or want to get outside and enjoy nature, the city has it all!

1. Wickham Park

Wickham Park is a beautiful place to hang out with friends. There are many activities for people of all ages including a disc golf course, a dog park, picnic areas, and playgrounds for kids. There is also a pond where you can fish or watch ducks swim around as well as a walking trail that meanders through the woods and along the water’s edge. The park has even more fun things to do such as skateboarding at their BMX track or riding your bike along the paved path that’s perfect for family outings!

2. Case Mountain

Case Mountain is located in the center of Manchester, CT. It’s a great place to go hiking and mountain biking, but it also has an amazing bouldering area. You can enjoy climbing with your friends or family members, no matter what level you are at. The trails are open year-round and provide stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

If you don’t want to take a hike up Case Mountain yourself, there are plenty of places nearby that offer guided tours:

3. Labyrinth Brewing Company

Labyrinth Brewing Company is a craft beer brewery in Manchester, CT. They have a variety of beers on tap at any given time, but some favorites include their “Pumpkin Ale” and “Farmhouse Saison”. They are known for their seasonal brews and like to keep things interesting by offering up new flavors from time to time. The atmosphere inside is laid-back and friendly, making this a great place to hang out with friends on game day or any other day when you want something different than what you usually order at the bar!

If you’re looking for something more adventurous than just drinks, Labyrinth also offers food trucks outside every Friday night during warm weather months (typically May through October). During these times they offer live music as well!

If it’s your first visit: we recommend trying the “Plum Porter” or “Maple Brown Ale”. If they have one of your favorites on tap already then jump right in because it won’t disappoint!

4. Lutz Children’s Museum

The Lutz Children’s Museum is the perfect place to take the kids. They will be able to explore many exhibits and learn while they are at it. The museum has lots of hands-on activities including a play area with slides, and beach-themed sand castles, tunnels, and boats for kids to use. There are also educational programs offered throughout the year such as science camps where children can learn about various topics in a fun way! The museum is open year-round so there’s no excuse not to go!

5. Charter Oak Park

Charter Oak Park is the largest park in Manchester, located at the corner of Main Street and Charter Oak Avenue. It’s home to a playground, a dog park, and a skate park. Several hiking trails wind through the trees, including one that leads to the top of Mount Higby. While you’re there, check out their iconic oak tree!

Charter Oak Park is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year except Christmas Day (December 25) when it closes at 4 p.m., so you can enjoy this fun place any day of your vacation – rain or shine!

6. Cheney Homestead

The Cheney Homestead is a historic house museum built in 1772. The home was originally owned by Daniel Cheney, who fought during the Revolutionary War and later became a U.S. Representative from Massachusetts (1817-1827). The house has been restored to its original appearance and serves as an example of late 18th-century architecture from the region. It is also filled with fascinating stories about life during that period of history, including how slaves were treated and what people ate for dinner!

7. 2nd Bridge Brewing Company

2nd Bridge Brewing Company is a family-run microbrewery that has been serving up beer and good food since the spring of 2016. Located in an industrial area just off Route 8 in Manchester, they offer a wide variety of craft beers, ciders, and wines on tap. Their menu includes burgers, sandwiches, salads, and pizza.

Their outdoor seating area overlooks their beer garden where you can enjoy live music or watch the sunset over Lake Quassapaug every Friday night from 5:00-7:30 pm during summer months; weather permitting! In addition to beer & wine tastings every Saturday from 1:00 – 4:00 pm (free with tour), 2nd Bridge has regular events like movie nights and musical performances throughout the year where you can meet other residents while enjoying your favorite beverage!

8. Union Pond Park

It is a great place to have fun in Manchester, Connecticut. The park is located on Union Street and is open to the public year-round. It has many amenities including playground equipment, basketball courts, and picnic tables. The park was originally built as part of the town’s efforts at beautification during its industrial period by using earth from other areas of town to fill dirt.

9. The Shoppes at Buckland Hills

You’ll find all the shopping, dining, and entertainment you need at The Shoppes at Buckland Hills. Whether you’re on a weekend getaway with your family or want to spend some time on your own, this mall has everything you could want. Inside, there are over 80 stores including Macy’s, JCPenney, Lord & Taylor, and many more top-name brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Coach. There’s also a food court with over 20 restaurants like Olive Garden and Ruby Tuesday which makes for a great choice when it comes to picking out a restaurant for lunch or dinner.

On Friday nights from 6 pm-8 pm from May 1st through November 30th there will be live music playing outdoors too so if you’re looking for something fun to do after dinner then make sure not to miss this opportunity!

10. The Fire Museum

The fire museum is a fun and interactive museum that explores the history of firefighting. It’s located in Manchester, Connecticut, and is open to the public. Exhibits include a 1928 American LaFrance pumper truck and an original antique hose reel cart from 1912. The museum also has an antique ladder truck from 1958.

The Fire Museum’s Education program offers hands-on learning for children through its Fire Safety Program where they can learn about fire safety through activities like practicing how to stop, drop and roll on the ground if their clothes catch on fire, or by making their smoke detectors out of recycled materials (bottles).

11. Little Theatre of Manchester at Cheney Hall

Little Theatre of Manchester is a non-profit organization that has been hosting plays, musicals, and other performances since 1908. The theater is located in Cheney Hall, which was built in 1772 as part of a grist mill belonging to the Lyman family. In 1943, the building became home to the Little Theatre of Manchester and served as such until it was torn down in 1964. It wasn’t until 1968 that Cheney Hall was restored and reopened again with its new purpose as a performing arts venue for local artists to use. As part of its mission statement, Little Theatre of Manchester aims to provide “an accessible cultural environment for all ages.”

The theater hosts about two productions per year (depending on how many local artists are interested), which can range from musicals like “Oklahoma” or “Sound Of Music” to dramas like “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

12. Aussakita Acres Farm

  • Aussakita Acres Farm is a family-owned and operated farm that has been in business since 1999.
  • It is located in Manchester, Connecticut.
  • They offer a variety of activities including wagon rides, hayrides, pick your pumpkins, and more.

13. HRLPC: Laurel Marsh Trail

The trail is a 1.25-mile loop that you can choose to take as long or short as you want, and it’s open year-round (except during spring hunting season). The trail is handicap accessible and there are benches along the way if you need to rest your feet. The Laurel Marsh Trail is also a great place to bring your dog, who will love exploring all of the trails that make up this path!

14. Cheney Rail Trail

If you are looking for a place to go for a run or bike ride, then the Cheney Rail Trail is the perfect trail for you. The Cheney Rail Trail is a rail trail in Manchester, Connecticut that runs along the former right-of-way of the Hartford, Providence, and Fishkill Railroad. It consists of two sections: one between Manchester Center and East Street (1.5 miles), and another section between East Street and Northfield Avenue (0.8 miles). Both sections are open to cyclists, walkers, and runners alike!

The Cheney Rail Trail runs through both public parks as well as residential neighborhoods which makes it ideal for those who want to enjoy scenic views while exercising at their own pace without having to worry about traffic or other distractions like construction sites along roads where cars travel faster than pedestrians can walk at but could still potentially cause harm if not careful enough when crossing over these roads which aren’t always easy because they may have traffic lights on them too which could mean waiting before crossing safely into another lane with less risk involved during rush hour times where people might be busy with work so this makes it more difficult

15. Parable Brewing Company

Parable Brewing Company is located at the end of a long dirt road in Manchester. The brewery is open on Fridays from noon to 5 pm, Saturdays from 1 pm to 5 pm, and Sundays from 1 pm to 3 pm (closed on Mondays). Parables have six beers available on tap including their most popular brew: “The Catalyst” honey wheat beer. You can also purchase t-shirts, hats, and glassware there as well! If you enjoy spending time with friends or just want to wear some cool gear then make sure that you check out this place! So far there are no events planned but I’m sure they would be happy if anyone showed up!

You’ll find Parable Brewing Company at 113 Chestnut Street in Manchester CT 06040

16. Rave Cinemas

Rave Cinemas is a movie theater with a bar. Located on the second floor of the mall, it has stadium seating, stadium-style chairs, and big screens that make you feel like you are actually at an actual rave. The restaurant at Rave Cinemas offers American cuisine such as burgers and milkshakes. It can also be used as a venue for events!

17. The Firestone Art Studio

The Firestone Art Studio is a community art center offering classes for adults, children, and families. The studio has two galleries that display exhibits of artwork by local artists. Classes are offered year-round and are taught by accomplished artists.

18. Parkade Cinemas

Parkade Cinemas is a movie theater in Manchester, Connecticut. They have a variety of movies and events coming up! It is the largest movie theater in Manchester and the only one with reserved seating.

If you’re planning on checking out Parkade Cinemas sometime soon, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • The parking lot can get crowded so it’s best to arrive early if possible
  • There are several snack options available for purchase at the concession stand before or during your movie experience!

19. Hartford Funny Bone Comedy Club

This comedy club is located on the second floor of the Hartford Funny Bone. The venue features a great view, a full bar, and delicious food! They have shows 7 days a week with live music and dancing every night. The comedians are hilarious! If you’re looking for an entertaining night out with friends or family then you should check this place out.

You can call them at 860-768-8100 or find them online at www[dot]hartfordfunnybone[dotcom] for more information about what to expect when going there!

20. Jump Off

Jump Off is a trampoline park in Manchester. This spot has a foam pit, dodgeball court, and a ninja course to name a few. Jumping around is fun for all ages, so go with your friends or family!

21. Stone Age Rock Gym

Stone Age Rock Gym is a climbing gym that offers something for everyone. It’s great for families, kids and adults of all ages, and even the elderly. There are bouldering walls that are low enough that you can do it without any experience at all. If you’re feeling more adventurous, though, they have high routes that can be quite challenging to climb—and they offer classes that will teach you how to conquer them!

It’s also perfect for team-building events or birthday parties with friends because there’s so much room in the bouldering area where nothing gets in your way when trying something new out. If you need help getting started (or taking on), no problem—staff members are standing by ready to advise on technique and strategy if needed!

Stone Age Rock Gym has been an integral part of Manchester since the 1980s when it first opened its doors downtown near City Hall Plaza Park; however, after several moves over time due to growth needs now resides in its current location just off Route 83 next door from Eno Valley Market which carries lots of local produce including some delicious pies baked daily by locals 🙂


For the last stop on our list, we’re going to go with a takeaway. In this section, I’ll be summarizing all of the information you’ve read in the previous sections into a single conclusion that lets you know what to do next!


We hope you enjoyed our list of 21 fun things to do in Manchester Connecticut! If you’re looking for more information about what there is to see and do around town, please visit our website at www.ManchesterCT.org. We also have a Facebook page where we post all kinds of updates about upcoming events and other news from around town (and sometimes outside it too!).

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