21 Fun Things To Do In Meriden Connecticut


Meriden, Connecticut is a small city with a lot to offer. Meriden is located in central Connecticut and has the nickname “The Gateway City” because it sits on the border of Hartford County and Litchfield County. It has a population of over 40,000 people and offers many great attractions that you can visit while enjoying some time with your family or friends.

1. Hubbard Park

One of the most beautiful places in Meriden is Hubbard Park. This park is a great place to spend the day with your family and friends. On hot days, you can cool off in their swimming pool or at their spray park. The park also has a picnic area where you can have lunch or read by yourself if that’s more your style.

If you’re looking for something more active, there are plenty of walking trails and playgrounds throughout the park that can be enjoyed by anyone!

This park is located behind Hubbard Elementary School off East Main Street (the main road through town). For directions on how to get there from wherever you may be staying while visiting us, check out our map here: https://goo.gl/maps/K3Cq3VzWYgE2

2. Guiffrida Park

Location: Guiffrida Park, 1 E. Main St., Meriden, CT 06450

Amenities: Baseball field, basketball courts, playground equipment, pavilion with picnic tables and grills – see more details here!

Getting There: From Hartford/New Britain/Waterbury take I-91 north to Exit 17 (Southington). Take the exit for Rte 66 west towards Southington/Glastonbury then follow through Southington onto Main Street until you reach the park on your left-hand side. Follow signs for the parking lot overflow area until you can turn into the main parking lot. You will see signs directing you to different areas of the park once inside!

When To Go: This is a great destination any time of year but especially in warmer months (April-October) as there are plenty of options for outdoor fun! The baseball fields are open during daylight hours only so check their website before visiting if playing softball or baseball is part of your plans! They also host many festivals throughout the year so make sure to check out their calendar before planning your next family day trip out!

3. Castle Craig

Castle Craig is a historic house museum and one of the most famous homes in Meriden. It was built in 1858 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. This home was the residence of Frances Anne Kemble, who became mayor of Meriden and served from 1887-1891

The Castle Craig mansion was designed by architect James Gamble Rogers who also designed Yale University’s Sterling Library as well as various buildings at Princeton University and Rice University! His work has been compared with that of Frank Lloyd Wright (an American architect known for his organic architecture), but Rogers died before he could see any of his plans come to fruition.

4. Beaver Pond

Beaver Pond is a popular fishing spot, but the small beach area, picnic tables, and playground make this a great place to spend time with the family. There’s also a concession stand on site. If you want to get in some more walking or hiking while at Beaver Pond, trails are running throughout the park that will lead you around its perimeter.

5. Gallery 53

What better way to teach your kids about art than visiting a museum? Gallery 53 is one of the most popular art museums in Connecticut, and they’re open on Sundays, which makes it perfect for weekend outings. It’s located right downtown so you can easily spend some time exploring other parts of Meriden afterward. They also have a cafe and offer classes for both kids and adults, including pottery and jewelry making.

6. Solomon Goffe House

Solomon Goffe House is a historic house museum located in the heart of Meriden, Connecticut. The house was built by Solomon Goffe in 1687—a veteran of King Philip’s War that killed thousands of Native Americans and colonists alike. Even though it’s not open year-round to the public, you can still get a glimpse inside if you visit during the summer months.

7. St. Rose Of Lima Catholic Church

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church is a beautiful church built in 1894. It’s worth stopping by to see the beautiful architecture and stained glass windows, but there’s more to this church than just looks.

Upstairs you’ll find an art gallery that often features contemporary artists’ work, as well as a small museum containing items from the Meriden Historical Society collection. You can also check out their schedule of events or join them for Mass on Sundays at 8:00 am or 10:30 am (in English).

8. Meriden City Hall

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, take a trip to Meriden City Hall. This historic building is a popular attraction that’s open to the public and hosts numerous events throughout the year.

Located at 200 North Main Street, Meriden City Hall is conveniently located just north of I-691 and Route 691. The hours of operation are 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am – 1 pm on Saturdays. You can reach them by phone at 203-630-1432 or by emailing cityhall@meridenct.org

The building itself dates back centuries, having been built in 1872 as part of a courthouse complex. It later became home to three different courthouses before being converted into an office building in 1962 after New Haven County took over jurisdiction of the area from Middlesex County due to overcrowding issues within their facilities (New Haven had previously been responsible for managing all court cases). In addition

9. John Zajac Park

It is a park in Meriden, Connecticut located at the end of John Street and encompasses the entire block between Broad Street and Westfield Avenue. The land was originally owned by Walter Harkness, who built his estate home there around 1873. When he died in 1886, his widow sold it to Henry Morrissey who lived there until 1895 when it was purchased by John Zajac Sr., a local businessman, and politician who also served as mayor from 1905-1910 (and again from 1915-1918).

The park has been used for several events including concerts with local bands like Blue Oyster Cult, and Journey on September 27th, 1987; performances by classical groups such as Orpheus Chamber Orchestra on June 19th, 1989; square dancing classes offered by Meriden Square Dance Club since its inception with over 30 years worth of history in this location; hosting occasional fairs such as Artisan Market Day every first Sunday during summer months where vendors sell handcrafted goods including jewelry made with gemstones mined locally (such as tourmaline) along with pottery made using techniques passed down generations back through families living here today.; etcetera…

10. Cedar Park

Cedar Park is a park in Meriden Connecticut. It is a 200-acre park located on the Quinnipiac River. It has a boat launch area, a playground, and a picnic area. Cedar Park is popular with visitors from all over because it offers activities for the whole family such as fishing and boating. The park also has a dog park where you can take your pup for a fun time together!

11. Meriden Green

  • Meriden Green is a public park in Meriden, Connecticut.
  • It is located at the intersection of Broad Street and Church Street.
  • This park was designed by the Olmsted Brothers, sons of Frederick Law Olmsted.

They were hired to create a new master plan for the city and Meriden Green was one of the many projects that were completed during their tenure from 1940-1942.

12. Quinnipiac River Park

Quinnipiac River Park is a great place to go for a walk, bike ride, or just enjoy the scenery. There are many interesting things to see at this park.

There is a small waterfall and a small swimming hole which makes it fun for kids of all ages. The park has a lot of history as well so you can learn about that while there too.

13. Falcon Field

Falcon Field is the home of the Meriden Blue Jays, a collegiate summer baseball team. The field is also used for football and soccer games, as well as lacrosse and softball tournaments.

As you might guess from its name, Falcon Field is located on Route 10 in Middletown. It’s about 15 minutes from downtown New Haven—a good day trip if you want to see some ballgames while you’re in town!

14. Habershon Park

Habershon Park is a public park in the city of Meriden, Connecticut, USA. The park is located on the grounds of the Meriden Public Library and was donated to the city by the Habershon family in 1856. The former site of a country house built by Joseph Habershon Jr. was originally called “Habershon’s Grove”, but was later renamed after its donor family.[1]

In addition to its beauty as a place for relaxation and contemplation (see below), there are plenty of fun things that your family can do while visiting this gorgeous park!

15. Nessing Field

Nessing Field is a baseball stadium in Meriden, Connecticut. It was built in 1926 and has a capacity of 3,000. The field is known for having one of the best views of any ballpark in New England. If you’re looking for some fun activities to enjoy with your family, definitely check this place out!

Meriden Bluefish Baseball Team

The team is part of the Atlantic League Of Professional Baseball Clubs (ALPB), which includes other teams from all over New England including Bridgeport Bluefish and Long Island Ducks. They won the 2004 championship title against Southern Maryland Bluefish by winning their last game 9-8 after being down 8-1 earlier on in the game (you can read more about it here).

16. The Isaac C. Lewis Mansion

The Isaac C. Lewis Mansion on Main Street is a historic home with a storied past. It was built in 1871 and served as the residence of the man who founded Lewis Brothers & Company, one of Meriden’s oldest businesses. The house is open to the public for free during the summer months from late June through September, plus holiday weekends such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s also open during fall foliage season from mid-September through early December; springtime from mid-March until Easter; and wintertime from December 1st until April 1st (except major holidays). In addition to being able to walk around inside this beautiful historic home where you can take photos with your friends and family, there’s also an exhibit hall featuring rotating exhibits so that visitors can enjoy something new every time they visit!

17. Columbus Park

Located at the corner of Main and Church Streets, Columbus Park is a small park that contains several monuments to Christopher Columbus. The park was originally named Central High School but was renamed in 1972 after it became apparent that the school’s name would be changed. It currently hosts several annual festivals including one celebrating Italian culture called “A Taste of Meriden.”

The park also contains a statue of Christopher Columbus, built by sculptor William Couper in 1892; a statue of John Cabot, an explorer who traveled to North America during his time as an Italian citizen; and a statue dedicated to Giovanni da Verrazzano, another Italian explorer who has been credited with discovering what later became New York City (although there are now claims he didn’t actually land on Manhattan Island).

18. Meriden Historical Society Museum

The Meriden Historical Society Museum is located at the Meriden Public Library and is open to the public on Wednesdays from 10 am to 4 pm. The museum features a variety of exhibits including a permanent display of historical artifacts and photos, as well as rotating exhibits. If you’re looking for something fun to do in Meriden CT with kids, this museum could be worth checking out!

19. Washington Park

  • Washington Park: With its large pond and open grassy spaces, Washington Park is the perfect place for a relaxing afternoon. This beautiful park is located in Meriden, CT, and it’s named after the first president of the United States, George Washington. Open from dawn to dusk every day of the year except Christmas Day (December 25), this is one of many things to do in Meriden.
  • Walking Trails: Three walking trails at Washington Park total seven miles long! These trails feature rest stops along with benches where you can sit down and enjoy nature while also taking in some beautiful views of nearby wetlands or meadows. The trails are popular with dog owners because they offer designated areas where dogs can walk off-leash without fear of getting lost or running into other pets that might take offense at their presence there!

20. Brookside Park

  • Location: Brookside Park is located in Meriden, Connecticut. It is situated on the west side of town and can easily be reached via I-691 or Route 72.
  • Things To Do At Brookside Park: The park has a wide range of activities that you can enjoy while visiting. You can go for a walk or jog along their paved trails, take your dog for a stroll around the lake, play tennis on their indoor courts (weather permitting), enjoy an outdoor concert in the summer months, and more! The park also has playgrounds for children to play on with slides, swings, and climbing structures.
  • Best Time Of Year To Visit Brookside Park: Any time of year is ideal for visiting this beautiful park! It may be better during warmer months since it will be easier to get some exercise outside but remember that there are plenty of things inside too!

21. Meriden Lions Club Park

Lions Club Park is a great place to take your kids or go for a walk, jog, or picnic. It is also a very fun place to play catch with your friends.


Meriden, CT is a great place to visit! There’s so much to do in this city. You can go down and check out the shops on Main Street, or you could head over to Lakeview Park and take in some of the beautiful views of Long Island Sound. If you’re looking for something more adventurous and fun, then be sure to check out one of our local museums or go zip-lining through the trees at TreeZilla Adventure Park!

Whatever you decide to do while visiting Meriden, CT – we hope that you’ll have an amazing time!


We hope that this list of Meriden, Connecticut’s best activities will inspire you to visit the city! Whether you’re looking for something new or are already familiar with this area but want to try something new, we think there is something here for everyone. If there are any other great things we missed out on, let us know in the comments below.

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