14 Fun Things To Do In Pine Bluff Arkansas

Things To Do In Pine Bluff Arkansas

If you’re looking for things to do in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, you’ve come to the right place. This southern city offers a lot of outdoor activities and attractions that are sure to keep you busy. Here are 14 of our favorites:

Lake Saracen

Lake Saracen is a man-made lake located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. This 870-acre lake was created by damming up the Bayou Meto and creating a reservoir for flood control and recreation. Lake Saracen is popular for fishing, boating, swimming, and hiking along its shoreline trails. If you are looking for something fun to do on your next-day trip to Pine Bluff then considers spending some time at Lake Saracen!

Arkansas Railroad Museum

  • Location: 1004 Saint Mary Street
  • Hours: Open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday, except for major holidays.
  • Phone number: (870) 730-1044
  • Ticket prices: Adults $8; seniors (60+) $7; children (3–12) $5; free admission for children under 3 years old. A discount is available for groups of 15 or more people (ask about pricing before you visit).

What to expect at the museum: The museum preserves the history of Pine Bluff’s railroad industry, which dates back to 1882 when it was just an iron ore mining community called “Pine Bluff.” More than five acres are dedicated to exhibits featuring restored locomotives, passenger cars, freight cars, and cabooses from the late 19th century through today. There are also scale models of locomotives that were used during World War II—some even have guns mounted on them!

Arts and Science Center for Southeast Arkansas

The Arts and Science Center for Southeast Arkansas is a non-profit organization that offers art classes, art exhibits, and educational programs to the public. It’s located in Pine Bluff.

Address: 601 Main Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601

Downtown Walking Tour

The Pine Bluff Convention Center is a great place to start the walking tour. It was built in 1913 and was the first hotel in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The building originally had a library on the second floor that was later converted into a ballroom. Today it hosts events like art shows and concerts at its large auditorium.

Next, walk along Main Street to see some of the historic buildings in downtown Pine Bluff. There are many places to stop along your journey including:

  • The First National Bank Building (1911) – this building has an art deco design that reflects the period when it was built (1929).
  • Trinity United Methodist Church (1912) – The church has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1973 because its architecture represents Gothic Revival style churches popular during that period. Its stained glass windows have been restored recently so now you can get an even better view of them!
  • Leodis Chapel A.M E Church (1869) – This church served as an educational center for African-Americans during segregation because there were no schools for black children until 1954 when Harrell Elementary School opened nearby. It sits next door today but doesn’t worry — both buildings are open for tours!

Pine Bluff National Fish Hatchery

The Pine Bluff National Fish Hatchery, located on the Arkansas River, is one of the oldest fish hatcheries in the country. It was built in 1930 and is home to many different species of fish.

The hatchery was a part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service until it closed down in 2017 due to budget cuts from Congress that left them unable to find funding for operations at this location. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission took over management of this facility for two years before handing over operations to local nonprofit groups because it couldn’t afford any longer either; however, there are still plenty of opportunities for visitors!

Instead of visiting a museum or viewing artifacts at an aquarium, why not get up close with live animals? You can do just that here at Pine Bluff National Fish Hatchery where you’ll learn more about how these creatures behave by interacting with them firsthand instead of just reading about their characteristics in books or online articles (though those are great too!).

Children’s Museum of SE Arkansas

If you’re looking for something fun and educational, the Children’s Museum of SE Arkansas is the place to be. The museum has a variety of exhibits, including an art room, a grocery store, and even a petting zoo.

It’s not just for kids either! Adults can enjoy themselves too with activities like beer tasting or learning how to play pool in their new Billiards Room.

White Hall Skate Park

If you’re looking for a place to get your skateboarding fix, White Hall Skate Park is the place to go. It’s located on the north side of town near the high school and is easy to access by car or bike. The park is open from dawn until dusk every day throughout the summer, and admission is free. You should bring your skateboard along with any other accessories you may need (helmets, knee pads) because they are not available at this site.

The Robert A. “Bobcat” Goldstein Wetland Trail System

The Robert A. “Bobcat” Goldstein Wetland Trail System, a series of trails that connect the city to the Pine Bluff Reservoir, is great for those who want a safe place to enjoy exercise and nature. The 10+ miles of trails are open year-round and designed for use by cyclists and pedestrians alike, so you can choose how much time you want to spend on them.

Arkansas Entertainers’ Hall of Fame

If you’re looking for a way to learn more about the history of Arkansas entertainment, the Arkansas Entertainers’ Hall of Fame is a great place to start. The museum was founded in 1961 to preserve and celebrate the achievements of Arkansans in show business.

The hall’s permanent exhibit offers visitors an extensive collection of memorabilia from various performers who have made their mark on popular culture over the years. The gallery also hosts traveling exhibits that explore different aspects of pop culture and how they’ve evolved.

In addition to its permanent collections, there’s an art gallery that displays works by local as well as national artists; a museum store where you can buy souvenirs related to your visit; and an educational center where classes and workshops are held regularly for both adults and children interested in learning about performing arts (the center hosts classes for both kids ages 8+ and adults).

Saracen Landing Waterfront Parks & Amphitheater

  • The Saracen Landing Waterfront Parks & Amphitheater is a great place to listen to music and enjoy the scenery.
  • The amphitheater has a great view of the lake, and it’s an excellent venue for hosting concerts, festivals, and other special events.

Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Farmers Market

  • What: The Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Farmers Market is open on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to noon and is located conveniently at the Pine Bluff Convention Center.
  • What else? You’ll find over 100 vendors who sell a variety of produce, meats, eggs, honey, jams, and jellies as well as crafts and gourmet foods. The market also has free parking in the Convention Center lot across from it!


So, there you have it! Pine Bluff is a great place to visit with your family and friends. You can experience its many different ways of life and learn more about the history of this diverse community.

As always, if you need any help planning your trip or if you have any questions about Pine Bluff, please feel free to contact us! We’re happy to help!

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