21 Fun Things To Do In Solana Beach California

Things To Do In Solana Beach

Solana Beach, California, is a small coastal town that’s located in northern San Diego County. A quick 45-minute drive from the city of San Diego or a 20-minute drive from downtown Encinitas will get you to this quaint beach town on the Pacific Ocean. Solana Beach has a laid-back vibe, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and exciting things to do for visitors of all ages. There are also some great places to stay nearby if you want to make this trip into an extended weekend getaway!

Cedros Avenue

Cedros Avenue is the main street in Solana Beach. It’s a pedestrian-friendly road with many shops and restaurants, as well as plenty of other attractions to check out.

One of the best things to do in Solana Beach is to walk down Cedros Avenue and people-watch. You’ll be able to see everyone from surfers to families having a good time together, enjoying their time in this coastal town.

Fletcher Cove Park

Fletcher Cove Park is located in the Cedros neighborhood of Solana Beach, within walking distance from downtown. The park is popular among dog owners who bring their pets to enjoy the beach access and wide open spaces. For those looking for an afternoon out with children, there are a playground and picnic tables with views of the ocean. The park also has horseshoe pits that are frequently used by locals on weekends. Fletcher Cove’s walking path along the beach makes it easy to get some exercise while enjoying views of the water—and maybe even spotting dolphins swimming offshore!

Del Mar Highlands Town Center

Del Mar Highlands Town Center is a shopping center in Solana Beach, California. It is located at the intersection of Highway 101 and Interstate 5. The center offers parking for up to 1,500 cars and includes many restaurants, stores, and other businesses.

The Del Mar Highlands Town Center houses stores like Lucky Brand Jeans and Banana Republic as well as restaurants such as BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse (which offers a full bar) or Johnny Rockets (a 1950s-style diner).

Del Mar Dog Beach

Del Mar Dog Beach is a beach for dogs. It’s located in Del Mar, California and it’s open from sunrise to sunset. There is a $10 annual fee for each dog that enters the beach.

Del Mar Plaza

If you’re looking for a place to get some shopping done, Del Mar Plaza is the place to go. The center has many different stores and restaurants, including Target and Trader Joe’s. There are also several other stores ranging from clothing and footwear to home goods and even beauty products. There are plenty of places to grab lunch or dinner as well, such as California Pizza Kitchen, Sushi Roku (a Japanese restaurant), Shake Shack (a burger/fries joint), and more!

Solana Beach Farmers Market

The Solana Beach Farmers Market is a great place to spend an afternoon. It’s open every Sunday from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, and it’s one of the largest farmers markets in San Diego County. Over 100 vendors will be selling organic produce, flowers and plants, artisanal food products, home goods, wine, and beer—you name it!

There will also be live music (drum circles!), kids’ activities like face painting and balloon artistry by local artists, plus plenty of food trucks for those who want to grab some lunch or dinner. Parking is free at the Lomas Santa Fe Shopping Center on Cedros Avenue just north of the market location at The Pearl (intersection of Lomas Santa Fe Drive & Cedros Avenue).

Cedros Designs District

The Cedros Design District is a shopping district in Solana Beach. It’s located on Cedros Avenue between Cedros Avenue and Palomar Street.

There are many shops and restaurants here, including galleries. There are also some great places to get coffee or relax with friends.

Fletcher Cove Community Center and park

The Fletcher Cove Community Center and Park are located at 541 Fletcher Cove Road.

This beautiful open-air facility offers a variety of activities for all ages, including basketball courts, tennis courts, a large playground area with a slide and swings for younger children, volleyball nets, and an outdoor barbeque area to enjoy while watching the sunset over the ocean.

The park is also available for rent by local organizations; it hosts many events such as family picnics or birthday parties throughout the year.

The Fletcher Cove Community Center is open seven days a week from sunrise until sunset (except in cases of extreme weather). Parking fees are $5 per vehicle; admission into this magnificent park will cost you just $3 per person or $10 per family when paying cash at the gate!

Cottonwood Creek Park

Located in the center of Solana Beach, Cottonwood Creek Park is an oasis for locals and visitors alike. The park has a playground, picnic tables, and a public restroom. Visitors can walk along the creek trail or take advantage of their many sports facilities. It is open from sunrise to sunset and located at 2433 Via De La Valle.

Tide Beach Park and Tide Pool Area

  • Tide Beach Park: The beach and tide pool area are great places to see all kinds of sea life. You can easily spend hours here exploring the tide pools, and you might even find some marine creatures that have washed up on shore.
  • Tide Pool Area: This is where you will find most of the marine life (if any) in this area. It’s a great place to explore and learn about what kinds of sea creatures live in San Diego Bay!

Cardiff State Beach and Seaside Market Cardiff

Cardiff State Beach is a popular spot for surfing, swimming, and fishing. The best time to visit Cardiff State Beach is during the summer months when it’s filled with sunbathers soaking up the rays on a hot day. If you’re lucky enough to get there early enough in the morning before it gets too crowded then you’ll have plenty of space to yourself. Seaside Market Cardiff is another good place to buy fresh fish if you want an alternative to restaurants in Solana Beach. It’s also a great place to buy snacks or souvenirs that are uniquely California-style!

San Dieguito Lagoon Trail & Nature Center

The San Dieguito Lagoon Nature Center is not just another nature center. It is an integral part of the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy, which was established in 2002 to protect and restore this area of coastal sage scrub, chaparral, and riparian habitat. The Conservancy also works with government agencies and private landowners to restore native plants and animals to bring back the valley’s natural ecosystem.

The nature center offers free admission and hours vary depending on the season (call ahead). Inside you’ll find displays explaining what types of wildlife live in the lagoon area along with educational tools like a collection of specimens that includes shells and bones from local species such as bivalves, crabs, fish eggs, or bird skulls. Other exhibits showcase how human activities affect ecosystems; 

For example, one case displays old fishing gear found during underwater expeditions while another shows how pesticides affect wildlife populations including birds known for eating frogs or insects affected by these chemicals used on crops near where they nestle during springtime migration patterns across North America each year between February through May where temperatures reach up into triple digits Fahrenheit down south before experiencing cooler temperatures later once summer arrives closer towards fall time frame when days get shorter & nights grow longer bringing winter closer towards those living further north than those living closer south where temperatures remain relatively constant throughout the entire year except maybe during very hot summers like now where drought conditions persist across parts of California especially southern California levels not seen since early 1900s due

Solana Beach, California, is a small coastal town that’s located in northern San Diego County

Solana Beach, California is a small coastal town that’s located in northern San Diego County. It’s close to other popular destinations like Del Mar and Encinitas. Solana Beach has a reputation for its beaches, restaurants, and shopping.


There are many things to do in Solana Beach, and we’ve highlighted some of the best ones here. Whether you want to take a walk on the beach, shop at local boutiques, or enjoy some fresh seafood at one of our many restaurants, there is no shortage of options. If you’re looking for something more adventurous than just walking around town all day though then consider doing some hiking up Mount Woodson!

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